A two-point sunset

Water fowl makes a landing in the Charles at sunset off the Esplanade

JB Parrett watched a goose come in for a landing at sunset in the Charles River off the Esplanade tonight.

Brian MacLean, meanwhile, watched the sun go down over Scituate Light yesterday:

Copyright JB Parrett and Brian MacLean, respectively. The second photo also posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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    The lighthouse pic is waaaaay

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    The lighthouse pic is waaaaay over-edited. Almost looks like a cartoon. The perspective is also backwards. The picture of the geese is spot on though. Excellent in both contrast and minimalism.

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    Art is art

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    You may like photography as a means of capturing reality. Others may like it as a way of turning the real into the surreal.

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    Ha ha ha. Trolls make me

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    Ha ha ha. Trolls make me laugh. Maybe you should 1, get a life. And 2, look up perspective in the dictionary.

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