Two women report being followed by creepy guy in the garage at the Quincy Adams T stop

Transit Police report two incidents in the Quincy Adams garage shortly before 8 p.m., yesterday.

In the first, a woman walking to her car on the second level noticed a man first stare, then follow her, around 7:50 p.m.:

The reporting party sought out other patrons also returning to their vehicles to walk with. When the male noticed this he crouched down between parked vehicles and began to crawl from one vehicle to the next. Upon reaching and entering her vehicle the male suddenly appeared at the passenger side door and was attempting to open the door. The male shouted for her to open her door. The reporting party was able to drive away and the male was unable to gain entry.

Then, just five minutes later on the fourth level, another woman noticed a guy hiding behind a wall:

The reporting party walked past the male and she observed he got out from behind the wall and was following her. The reporting party was able to make it to her car and vacate the garage without further incident.

In the first incident, the woman described the man as black, late 20s, thin, with long hair, about 5'10" and wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

In the second case, the woman reported the man as black or Hispanic, about 6' and wearing a light-colored knit cap.



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MBTA See Say app is a must

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I've used it a few times to report everything from creepy guy on the subway to a live wire at a Green Line station.

Wait till late night service starts

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We can all agree its a good idea but who wants to be the only person male or female alone in a dark station or parking lot being followed by the creatures of the night.

Yes, but at least during the

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Yes, but at least during the middle of the day there are less dark areas for creeps to hide.

You're Right, They Ought To Shut Down The Ⓣ At Dusk

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If only someone could invent a device to produce artificial light. Powered by electricity, such devices could be attached to the ceilings inside stations and placed atop poles to illuminate outside areas.

No, it'd probably never work; they shouldn't even bother to try.

Sorry, creepy guys

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the law is now what everyone believed it was ...

(has the legislature ever passed anything else that fast?)