Um, hooray? Boston makes 'short list' of possible US host cities for 2024 Olympics

Baby steps, the Globe cautions, but we're now closer than some other cities.



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Are they kidding? Are we getting a monorail? Are they filling in the harbor?

Have these people ever been to Boston?

have u ever been to boston?

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have u ever been to boston? we have the T for public transportation and I am quite sure the harbor would be used for water events..

Oh, right, I forgot the T

It does such an excellent job of transporting the region's population, that I'm sure it can absorb an extra million visitors or so with nary a hiccup. They probably won't even have to schedule any extra trains.

We have $ for the Olympics but not to fully fund Boston Schools?

The city announced it had $60 million less than what we need to fund our schools. These are the schools that have a solid record of improvement and which sent more kids to college this year than any year in the past.

Every principle was asked to plan for cuts which could include educational programs, art, activities, teachers and social workers.

In cost savings measures, they took salad bars out of cafeterias and they want to take middle school students off school buses and put them on the MBTA.

They say we don't have the money for these things but we have the money for the olympics. I call bullshit. Fund the schools.

Where were you in 2004?

Remember when they ran a much smaller event and it had no impact whatsoever on regional transportation and the local officials never once implied that everyone who actually had to get to work should just take vacation or unpaid time off?

Right. Actually, local officials and their security theater screwed up the entire city and its transit system for an event that was limited to the Garden, and outright declared that everyone should just take vacation and stay out of the city and close their offices.

Multiply that by umptythosand.

Your points are well taken

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But you should remember two things about the Boston 2004 DNC. It was the media, not the government, that spread the suggestion about people abandoning the city during that week. And the media started that nonsense the previous January.

It was also the media, not the government, that insisted the DNC squander spend a boatload of money converting the Fleece Center from a sports arena to a convention hall for less than a week, even though we had just opened a brand new convention center in South Boston which would have both been perfectly suited for the DNC's purposes AND would have not required the "security theater" closures of I-93, the Orange Line, and the local businesses along Causeway Street during the convention.

In other words

They would have shut the central artery, south station, I-90/Ted Tunnel, and the red line, etc. instead.

There may only be one

Boston, San Fransisco, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. Who will it be?

I imagine the focus turning to DC and LA. And LA will definitely try to step up it's 30/10 transit expansions to piggyback on this; perhaps part of a massive rebranding of LA to make it more urban.

DC + Baltimore could be interesting

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Office banter this AM:

DC has a decent public transportation system (newer than the T), and the summer of an election year is a pretty quiet time there.

But their ace in the hole is Baltimore. There are two (2) commuter rail lines between Washington and Baltimore. The Penn Line runs Amtrak (28 minutes nonstop) and MARC (38 minutes nonstop) trains operate frequently, and the Camden Line has service mainly aimed at rush hour commuting which operates in about an hour. The Camden Line terminal, however, is right next to Camden Yards and whatever they've named their football stadium (as well as the convention center and a 14,000 seat arena) and could conceivably have dramatically improved capacity during the Olympics if the freight was rerouted (it's a major freight line) during the games, which is conceivable.

That gives you a lot of venue space reasonably accessible from DC but separated enough to spread out the crowds. It's like if Boston bid and had half the events in Providence, you know, if Providence had an NFL stadium and baseball stadium and a commuter railroad capable of operating at higher speeds.

Boston to Providence is 40 minutes with 2 stops on Amtrak

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...and could easily get down to 30 with some minor improvements. The tracks are in great shape here. Similarly, if the MBTA wasn't utterly recalcitrant, procuring better commuter trains running on the wires that are ALREADY THERE could get most Providence Line trips back on the correct side of the 1 hour line and maybe 40~45 minutes nonstop.

Pawtucket (which, let's be honest, is part of Providence if both were in any state outside of New England) has a baseball park (McCoy Field) and an Olympic Stadium built in Providence is an easy stand in for an NFL stadium - with the added bonus of the stadium actually being a useful addition to the city.

And don't forget that Boston's second airport is in Providence Warwick!

...of course, that still doesn't make this anything other than a horrible idea. But Boston/Providence is closer to Washington/Baltimore than you think!


Just no. Absolutely no. Never. Please for all that is good, God - if you do exist - I beg of you, NO!

LOL-Worthy Line

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"Meanwhile, local public officials, business leaders, and the citizenry of the four cities on the short list need to decide if a serious Olympic bid is worth pursuing. "

Yeah, I'm sure a firm "no" (with or without accompanying Anglo-Saxon four-letter words) from the citizenry would stop this if local officials and business leaders get a head of steam. It will be as useful as the MBTA Fare Hike Proposal We Totally Want To Hear Your Input And Haven't Already Made Up Our Minds meetings.


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Please choose an entirely different country. DC is no better equipped for this than Boston.

It takes an enormous number of volunteers to pull this off - from everything I've heard here and elsewhere - if they have any plans to get volunteers, they are going to have to import them. Then they'll need even more hotel rooms. I am usually the first to raise my hand to help out in civic duty stuff - but if they do this, I'm just leaving - and somebody with a wad of cash burning a hole in their pocket can have my place for 10 days. One less hotel room to build.

LA has done this well -- twice

so that's where I'd vote to have it. I believe the last one was even profitable for them.

On the other hand, I'd be happy to have our area host part of the World Cup again, once FIFA realizes that it's insane to have it in Qatar.


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AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, oh man, what a great joke, that's hysterical...

...oh, you were serious?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA World Cup 2022 is happening in Qatar no matter how many people FIFA has to murder/allow to die/take bribes from (subsitute as appropriate) to make it so. The bodies of slave laborers are already piling up.

Instead of swimming pools...

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we can just have them swim in the harbor. Short distances from L St. Bath house to JFK Library and long distances from Castle Island out to Boston Light and back. Let's see who wins the gold then!


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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I lived in Atlanta during the 1996 games. I cannot see how this would work in Boston. Atlanta had land to spare (and a transit system that needed to be built). Boston, not so much.

What can we do stop this tragedy from happening here? Because we all know, it'll be a total shitshow if it does happen.

Anyone want to start an online petition?

Whats sad is if businesses want this, they will get it, regardless how the citizens feel. Its all about greasing the palms around here.

PS - Weren't we JUST talking about how Kraft wants to build a stadium in boston city limits?


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I gotta agree here... good idea, but they wont listen. We can look at so many other things where the voters wanted something and the politicians did something exactly opposite.


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Maybe the fact that calling or writing your pols might do ANYTHING?


Unless your name is Bob DeLeo...

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You're not actually expecting your state rep to talk to you, are you? It's like that old RCA Victor logo, about the Master's Voice, except it's Mist-ah Speak-ah instead of a phonograph.

I tried writing her once. Two

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I tried writing her once. Two months later I got a form letter in response why her position was the correct one, without any mention of the concerns I raised on the issue. Pols in MA are completely tone deaf to their constituents.

If it's any comfort

..the last time I remember this trial balloon, it was decided that Boston was hopelessly inadequate and that was the 80s or so.

The only changes have been things that will bolster that inadequacy.

It's just Murray delusions of the big score unencumbered by the thought process.

We lived in Atlanta then also

And no -- I don't want to have the Olympics here either. In fact, I'd favor either abolishing them or returning them to being purely an amateur competition (and shrinking their magnitude in the process).

it was horrendous

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traffic.. the people... the traffic...... the people.

Then the bombing happened.. ugh.

I mainly had to work at home...

... for three weeks (coming in about once a week to drop off work and pick up new work). And my office was about 2 blocks from the bombing.

We didn't go to any Olympic events -- but (by accident) we were in the near vicinity of the totally unreported GreatTennis Riot. ;~}

I went to

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the closing ceremonies because someone gave me a ticket so I could hold a sign.

I went to a few things at Stone Mountain Park

Didn't realize the LA Times....

... had reported on this. As far as I could tell none of the Atlanta area media outlets mentioned this. We saw all the commotion, but had no idea what was going on. A few days later, someone we knew (who had been at the tennis event) told us about what had happened. However, according to our source, the trouble had been caused by NBC -- who wanted things re-arranged for broadcast purposes -- and the Atlanta Olympics officials simply gave into what the network wanted.

Please. God. No.

We can't even handle when people come in from out of town to go to Fenway (both socially and infrastructurally speaking), much less the whole damn world.

Though it would be fun to see how creative people get with their space savers...


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Well, maybe instead of a torch relay/fancy lighting ceremony the T tracks can just spontaneously combust like they do anyway.

Hey, I have a GREAT Idea...

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Let's use public money to build huge a huge stadium, that can then be turned over to Kraft Enterprises for pennies on the dollar. And if anyone in the legislature has a problem with that, they can be paid off with a $30 Brady jersey!

Remember the DNC?

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That was nowhere near the scale that the Olympics would be and that was total shitshow.

The media scared all the locals away, the Conventioneers spent NO money and local businesses literally lost their shirts all week.

The Olympics would be worse. The city would become a police state the entire time. Local Gov would limit how late bars stay open, they would attempt to expand T service (and fail) so no one could get around, We would all have our bags searched everywhere we went, They would close up the Common and close half the roads then they would put their own vendors in every tourist trap.

The problem is they would want it to be a cash cow for them. Local biz would get fucked like they always do. The tall ships is a prime example. They stuck their own pop up vendors all over the waterfront. They even put up their own eating establishments.

It would be a total mess then afterwards the Mayor and the Gov would claim it made ZILLIONS for the state and they would all pat each other on the backs.

NOT even going to mention all the tax dollars that they would spend to host the thing. Look at Brazil's soccer stadiums that will only be used like once.

NO way.

Yeah, but

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....maybe we'd finally get high-speed rail from North Station to the velodrome in Methuen!

Velodrome with cars

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You do realize that's how we race bikes around here, don't you? MUCH more exciting that way.

No really

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I literally took a quick nap and woke up and my shirt was GONE!

Winter Olympics?

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MY WIFE and I were discussing this and we started wondering if Boston might be a decent choice to host a Winter Olympics.

Our opinion was "NO", but it would seem to make more sense to pursue that bid than a Summer games. The facilities having to be built would be lesser. The transportation problems would probably be more easily handled.

Discuss amongst yourselves, then forward your opinions to the government :-)


Sounds like a great idea. I'm

Sounds like a great idea. I'm sure the millions of Olympic visitors will have no problem climbing over giant piles of ice to cross the street, walking down unshoveled sidewalks or waiting in the cold for T buses that never come or blow by the bus stop because they're "full".


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Do you think a "regional" Winter Olympics could work?

Opening/Closing ceremonies in Boston

Eg - hockey in Boston, Figure skating in Providence, different skiing disciplines in the other New England States - maybe even Cross Country in CT?

Not sure if the Olympic Committee would like to spread it out - but I think it could be a cool new concept for the craziness and expense that the Olympics has become.

I think it would be cool - but not sure it works from a logistics/cost/marketing standpoint - could, just dunno.

Lake Placid

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I mean it was already done here in New England (okay a far corner) in 1980 @ Lake Placid, NY

It isn't just about mountains, Ron

It is about airports, infrastructure, total population resources, and other features lacking in Concord, NH or Burlington, VT.

Ice events are a big part of the Olympics, and Boston has plenty of those.

Also note that Boston is a similar distance to Wachusett Mountain as Vancouver is to Cyprus Mountain, their location for the snowboard and halfpipe and freestyle venues. Vancouver to Whistler is nearly 100 miles - and there are several major resorts within a similar distance to Boston. It is pretty common for alpine events to be held 50, 100, 150 miles distant from the anchor location.

Boston is quite well positioned and located for a Winter Olympics. I have no idea why we would even want to attempt a Summer Olympics, given our population levels and scale.


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It is about airports, infrastructure, total population resources, and other features lacking in Concord, NH or Burlington, VT.

Then why did Lake Placid work? It really is in the middle of nowhere and not near any highways or large airports (except for the small one they have)

Existing infrastructure

Lake Placid has the infrastructure in place, as it has served as an Olympic Training Center when not an actual venue.

It is also only "middle of nowhere" if you have your East Coast Range Finder on - it relatively close to a several cities with good infrastructure (Albany, Syracuse, Rochester).

But your argument from above

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goes out the window... You said above

It is about airports, infrastructure, total population resources, and other features lacking in Concord, NH or Burlington, VT.

If you're saying Lake Placid is

It is also only "middle of nowhere" if you have your East Coast Range Finder on - it relatively close to a several cities with good infrastructure (Albany, Syracuse, Rochester).

Uh. Lake Placid is closer to BURLINGTON than it is Albany or anywhere else you mention.

Burlington has an airport (a good sized one for a regional airport). Concord has Manchester Airport (a logan alternative airport).

I think you need to take a look a map again because you're way off on this.,+NY+12946/@44.4213446,-74.0487436,9z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4ccae263be62315b:0x282ca3e6dd25d3c2

Check your reading comprehension, Roadman

No, I'm not.

The mentioned events DID NOT take place at Whistler. They were on a smaller hill called Cyprus Mountain. It is about 80km out of Vancouver and is quite comparable to Wachusett.

I was comparing Whistler to Killington, etc.

Lake Placid is tiny

and they managed to pull it off, twice.

also, I can't see Wachusett or Greylock as reasonable ski and snowboard venues, compared to what's available in NH or VT.

Spend much time at Wachusett?

Perhaps confusing it with Nashoba Valley??

I ski Wachusett several times a year, more if I have a pass. The freestyle/halfpipe/board/mogul type events are fairly prescribed and Wachusett would be an excellent venue - they already have much of it in place and open 3-4 months of the year.

The only reason Lake Placid pulled it off was because they already have most of the facilities built.

Greylock? That's further out than Waterville Valley. It is also much smaller than Wachusett.

You're forgetting Big Blue. :

You're forgetting Big Blue. :)

Regarding hosting the summer Olympics here in Boston. The metro Boston area has many talented people, many of them conversant on social media (you know, those web sites where people post pictures of their cats and list what they ate for lunch).

So here's my suggested plan.

1. Launch a Kick-Starter campaign
2. Launch a multi-platform social media campaign
3. Use thee resources to help place the summer Olympics in Baltimore.

Fall Back Plan (in case my primary plan doesn't work)

Bring back the reformed Manny Ramirez to light the Olympic Torch at the new Seaport stadium.



Urban Infrastructure: Existing infrastructure could handle in-city traffic, modifications may be required to outlying events.


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I think one of the reasons Boston is being put forward as a venue for the Summer Olympics is the hope that they can use some of the existing facilities at local colleges and universities, from dorms to swimming pools and track and field facilities, which are available in the summertime.

At least, I think that was part of the plan last time around.

To hell with that.

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The construction workers who built the facilities for Sochi were cheated of their wages and deported from Russia.

Hosting the Olympics isn't just a pain in the ass. At this point it's WRONG.

So many comments

A rare one for UHub. Usually when its hits this many comments, usually there's some kind of internet fight going. But this time, it is the most united voice I have ever seen on this site.

Personally, I'm going to hold my judgement for now, trying to retain some miniscule glimmer of hope.

Well, if you want an internet fight

We should consider, in the event of a Summer or Winter Olympics, which politician would grandstand (and in what way) about holding the shooting events in Massachusetts.


I love it.

All these disparate and often clashing voices converging to affirm that Boston is too half assed and sloppy to handle this sort of thing.

A city that

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can't even properly doesn't want to synchronize its traffic lights.

There, fixed it for you.

No Thank You!

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This type of idea is pushed by politicians and the connected to feed their egos. The people of the area will be left with paying for it.
How soon have some forgotten the Big Dig?

No! No!

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No Olympics in Portland! No Olympics in Portland! No Olympics in Portland!

Finally something useful will

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Finally something useful will be done with Franklin Park. All the woods, the little stream, the fields, the ancient dilapidated bear cages and statues, the Zoo, the golf course all can be buldozed to make for a once in a millenia OLYMPICS!

Improve White Stadium? Waste of time. Knock it down and build a real stadium.

By the time the building would have to start the Seaport District will be finishing any remaining construction An Olympic Village will provide plenty of jobs and profit to the construction industry which otherwise would disappear. With the building the local BPD, FPD - and might as well throw the detail opportunities open to every other city employee - will have plenty of opportunities for extra income.

Imagine the size of the trough pie that so many people can feed from!


I believe that is when Montreal finally paid off the 1976 Olympics.


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The upkeep and maintenance of the main stadium is horrible. In a sense, the citizens of Montreal are still paying for it through every orifice the Quebec Parliament can find.

You guys!

We can totally do this! If you make people think we're parochial, I will, like, literally die of embarrassment!

What we need is a Deval-appointed commission!

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Totally above question and reproach. Legit and squeaky clean. Just like the one he appointed for "gaming" and Casinos. I mean, look how well that's working out for us so far.

Is Annie Dookhan still in durance vile? That would be my first choice.

Think about the upkeep of venues afterwards...

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Olympic stadium in Montreal (after 1976) is an eyesore and a grey elephant that is only used for Alouette playoff games and winter soccer matches for the Le Impact.

Calgary still uses the Saddledome (with cries for it to be replaced) and Canada Olympic Park (where they ski jump and luge and such) at costs that are unreal. And they still need to manufacture snow for C.O.P. during winter (another cost).

LA in 1984 may have done some good by using existing facilities (Coliseum, Pauley Pavillion), but really...would the Olympic committee really want to use Nickerson field for anything?...Fenway?...Harvard...

A Boston Olympics would be a White Elephant heaven afterwards....