Unitarians get new logo

Old and new UU logos

From old to new.

The Unitarian Universalist Association, based in Boston, today unveiled a new logo, as part of an overall branding strategy (yes, of course churches these days have branding strategies):

Our new logo, for many, will be the first introduction to who we are. It’s meant to entice a person to learn more. And it’s doing just that. Our random testing groups of UUs and non-UUs described emotions and images evoked by this logo with words such as brave, enlightening, warm, spiritual, energizing, having integrity, welcoming and determined.



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That would have made a great UniversalHub logo.

I dunno

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Reminds me of the old Hartford Whalers logo.

My second favorite logo of all time...

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... along with the old Milwaukee Brewers logo (where the mitt incorporates both an M and a B) and the old Montreal Expos logo for the same reasons.

Ah, the '70's... back when professional sports teams used names and logos that made sense.

Interesting. I've always

Interesting. I've always noticed the "H" in the logo, but to me the "W" is more subtle.

OTOH, it took me years to notice the arrow in the FedEx logo...

Urm, no! I need to go look

Urm, no! I need to go look at that.

ETA: Oh, yeah, I see what you mean. I noticed that there was an arrow, but I didn't connect that to turning the dial. If I remember correctly (and, yes, it's been a looooooong time since I've had a TV with a dial,) didn't the dial turn both ways?

They do

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But I think most (and I could be wrong) progressed up in number by turning counterclockwise.

Dials on tvs

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I think we turned them counter clockwise. I seem to remember turning the pliers that way.

Oh! It so does. I saw

Oh! It so does. I saw someone with a Whalers hat on the subway recently, and I wanted to ask how old the hat was. Looked pretty new, is the team still around (no, right?)


They moved to the Carolinas and became the Hurricanes. Even more painful for Whalers fans, they ended up winning the cup a few years back. Although truth be told, the Carolinas have truly embraced this franchise and its great to see them succeed down there. Hell, they even introduced true tailgating to the NHL experience!

Its always fun as I've grown up and gotten to know hockey players/fans from Connecticut. There used to be that gap between New York and Boston hockey fans that was filled by the Whalers, real interesting to see which side of the fence those old fans flocked to. Not so clear cut as the line between Sox and Yankees fans.

I don't want to start a

I don't want to start a debate, but it seems like hockey in New England is just one sport too many. It's like people have energy for the Sox and the Pats, but after that it's like, "Uh, one more?"

Hockey in New England

The Boston Bruins started in 1924. That's long before we had a football team. (Or at least, before we had a football team that lasted more than four seasons before it folded or moved elsewhere.)

For me it is but don't you

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For me it is but don't you dare tell that to all the French Canadians I grew up with in the Merrimack Valley. They've been skating since before they could walk.

As an NC transplant

I became a 'Canes fan the moment the move was announced in '97. I commuted 90-120 minutes each way while the team was in Greensboro, and was a season ticket holder in Raleigh for both the loss to Detroit in the finals and the glorious June of 2006. Most of my friends who are hardcore hockey fans became Whalers fans posthumously (as it were). Although I never cared about the Whalers before the move, we used to sing Brass Bonanza after goals and I have my Ronnie Franchise Whale jersey in the closet.


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The Catholic Church will use focus groups to gauge the popularity and hipness of the crucifix. So how does that tortured guy nailed to a wooden cross make you feel?

Oh my word.

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There's just so much wrong with that logo.

Somebody alert John Hodgman

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The self-proclaimed non-sports fan can't go on enough about the Hartford Whalers logo and its use of negative space to form the H within the whale's tail.


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Let's see, flame, burning, combustion, fuel consumption, reduced air quality, pollution, lung cancer, global climate change, depletion of fuel resources, fuel dependency, war policy in the Middle East, defending Persian Gulf oil supply, bloated military budget, corporate energy profit taking, fracking, contamination of ground water, drilling in heretofore undisturbed natural environments, loss of wildlife habitat, endless oil spills, Exxon Valdez, fuel tanker derailing, off shore oil drilling accidents business as usual, BP, death of the Gulf of Mexico...

...all for a flame.

and then there's light. We like light. Light is good. Dark is bad. White is good. Black is bad. Opps. That doesn't sound quite right. But, at my church 1st Parish UU in Needham, we have no "black" members. And why would we if we keep implying that dark is bad, that a light is good against the darkness.

Metaphors are tricky. I suppose we have to compare one thing against another, but not maybe not all the time. "Comparisons are odious." - Samuel Jonson (?)

My church added solar electric panels. That was a big deal, and yet we still light the chalice every Sunday. I understand there's a tradition from WWII - something about indicating a sanctuary from Nazi oppression.. That's an important story. Now how about a new story for today, a sun symbol, or sun dial, or something that that reflects solar energy, which needed today and respectfully set the flame aside - not to extinguish it completely - we'll have candles at Christmas and Hanukkah and candles of care and concern. But what's more important Nazi history or a renewable solar future?