USA hockey fans go wild in Dorchester

Mass. Live records the scene at the Banshee this morning.




We played Russian,

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It was a grudge match and maybe our biggest game of the Olympics. So if you don't know what you're talking about, its better to keep silent.


Yea, srsly, act like you've been there before...

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I mean c'mon we see two all star teams play an overtime shoot out hockey game every day... am I right? Jeez... stupid sports fans, having a good time. Go to the library and do some learnin' you mooks.


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Some people around here should grow a sense of humor. Sheesh... I was kidding. Calm down, super fans.

Accepted Reaction

There is a few people on these posts who get minor sexual satisfaction from a Neighborhood Council meeting resolution on proposing new rules for street sweeping times. That is why you got the shaddap pinko responses. We are just keeping our guard up.

With that said, we're coming for you Sid The Kid and your lack of proper orthodontic care.

Russia should have won

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Whatever the letter of the rule is, that disallowed goal was a goal. The net being slightly off its moorings made no difference.

Anyways, this is not Miracle on Ice with amateur college students vs. powerful Soviet team. It's pros vs. pros.

But the shootout was fun to watch, Oshie is cool.