Bitter Wellesley dad tries to unload trampoline on Craigslist

Looks like one Wellesley dad will be having a jim-dandy Father's Day, based on his Craigslist ad:

My Kids Suck: Skywalker Trampoline with Enclosure – 17X15 – $350 (Wellesley)

They begged. Pleaded. Told me how they’d use it EVERY day. How our house would become THE place to hang out. We had a hot tub. And a basketball court. And a fire pit. And a hammock. But if we had THIS, well, we’d be rock stars. Plus since I “messed up their lives” by moving them here in middle school, I owed them at least this much. God, dad. ...



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    Does anyone listen to / read that knuckle dragger anymore?

    Talk about..

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    Passive aggressive martyristic BS...

    Safe to say, the father is not a card carrying member of "man town."

    Prob relishes leisure socks and a nice pleat in his slacks....

    Sounds like a bunch of stiffs all round.

    One of my favorite kid activities involved playing 'army' and a halfway decent stick would work as an M-14.

    Failure to wave dicks and shake tits well is no big deal if you can escape the certain fate of being a cardboard dipshit consumer with your manly man products and your hot chick products.

    It's really just posture service.Grow some humanity and get back to me.


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