Vigil planned for missing North End man

Family and friends of Eric Munsell, who disappeared Feb. 8, plan a candlelight vigil Saturday evening at State Street at Long Wharf, followed by a march to his favorite place in Boston - the New England Aquarium.

Munsell, a 24-year-old BU grad working for General Electric, was last spotted by a surveillance camera outside 255 State St. after leaving friends at the Market Lounge on Broad Street.

The vigil starts at 6 p.m.

Almost exactly four years ago, the family of Eugene Losik held a similar vigil outside the Mariott Long Wharf, near where he disappeared. Their search did not end well.



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        What ever happened to that

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        What ever happened to that Jonathan Dailey kid from Charlotte who was here for school who was found in the Charles with cinder block chained to him?


        No update was ever released.

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        No update was ever released. U think they would have mentioned it as suicide or foul play by now

        If I had to guess, if it was

        If I had to guess, if it was ruled suspicious we would have heard about it, if it was ruled a suicide, why bring it back up if no one asks the people who would have the information...

        Have they even looked for him

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        Have they even looked for him in the harbor? Is there a serial killer out there robbing and/or pushing drunk guys into water? It's hard to imagine how someone fell into the Chestnut Hill Reservoir and drowned... if you fall in, you land in water 2 feet deep and walk out.


        Unless ...

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        You slip, fall in, hit your head on a rock and knock yourself into unconsciousness.


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        There was an extensive search conducted over several days. The last hit on his cell was actually 300 feet off of Long Wharf. The police used sonar and found nothing.

        What about the missing Evelin

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        What about the missing Evelin Valibayova who went missing in Quincy a few years back? Scary

        Vigil for missing North End man.

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        I've been exploring that part of harbor walk to make video content and noticed significant stretches with no safety railing and poor snow and ice removal.

        It was a handful in day time, sober. I'm surprised we don't lose more people wandering out of bars.

        There is a snazzy 2.9 million dollar merry go round, however.

        That high rise area near the Aquarium and water taxi's is particularly treacherous over by the giant metal laptops.