Virgil, quick, come see, there goes Pier 4 out to sea

Part of Anthony's Pier 4 floating out to sea

Jesse Haley spotted part of the old Anthony's Pier 4 floating on a barge in the Mystic River between Everett and Charlestown this morning. Anybody know what it was doing there?



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    Good Call PNutt

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    Must've been refrigerated. It was crawling with seagulls last night so maybe there's still some fish in there!

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    Was not free floating but was attached on top of pilings driven into the sea bed ( supposedly to keep her from rocking and keeping patrons from getting seasick). During the blizzard storm surges pushed her up off the attachments ripping holes into the hull. The water poured in, and the rest is history.

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    Yes, and no

    It was sitting on an underwater cradle, with attachments to poles that would allow it to float during an astronomical high tide or typical winter or hurricane storm, but not float away from the cradle.

    The system was a bit like the pilings that you see on permanent docks that are held in place, but rise/fall with the tides (there is a new one by the ICA).

    I guess they forgot about 1938, and the hurricanes of the 1950s when they designed it.

    (my husband is related to the late owner, so we got the blow-by-blow on the resulting litigation)

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    Now, I don't mind the

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    Now, I don't mind the changing 'hood
    And I don't care if the food's no good
    You take popovers
    And you leave the rest
    But they should never
    Have taken the very best

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    Nothing is sacred

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    First Pier 4 now Liberty Bell Roast Beef.

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