Wait, so Brighton does have a tickle monster after all?

WBZ reports police are investigating three overnight break-ins in the Foster Street area, at least one involving a victim who said he was tickled awake.



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    Lock your doors

    Hate to blame victims, but Jesus, you BC kids aren't in your Long Island suburb anymore. Play like a big leaguer and secure your residence.


    Most of Long Island is ghetto

    Most of Long Island is ghetto garbage so I would assume anyone from there would be prepared.

    Don't mess with my alma mater either. Go Eagles!


    It's seriously terrible.

    It's seriously terrible. Nassau and Western Suffolk Counties are beyond depressing. Strip malls and depressed homes and people. I suppose it comes from being isolated on all sides by water and then NY is the only means of escape.



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    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.



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    I think you're aware that words change meanings over time despite what your $50,000/year PC education taught you.

    Fun fact

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    Long Island has a greater population than all of Massachusetts, and in recent years, a good chunk of Long Islanders have moved to Boston (either for school or more long-term).

    There's just a good chance you're going to piss someone off if you trash it.

    "Long Island has a greater

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    "Long Island has a greater population than all of Massachusetts"

    Only if you include Brooklyn and Queens, which most people don't in common speech.

    Heh. I think this one is ripe for me.

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    I grew up in Long Island (western Suffolk County in fact, but decamped to these parts as soon as I could).

    We always locked our doors (even though it was a "nice" town).

    I went to BC.

    I lived off-campus like most other juniors, and we always locked our doors (my roommates were from the inner suburbs of Boston).

    Will, are you sure you aren't confusing these BC kids with the few from Chittenden County or the Gold Towns? I know those folks don't lock their doors (and good for them for living in a place where they don't have to).

    As for the Long Island comments, well, there are lots of reasons that I left and nothing has gotten better since then. Frankly, with the ridiculous development, the amount of groundwater that has been sucked out and the utter disregard (until very recently) for the natural environment's well-being, I'm just surprised that the glorified sand bar hasn't given up the ghost and sunk into the Atlantic.


    I think this whole story

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    I think this whole story needs a great dose of Ockham's razor...

    The Brighton Tickler's out tonight

    The Brighton Tickler's out tonight
    You better shut your windows tight
    He's tuning his feathers up just right
    And taking all his whiskey by the pint
    'Cause everybody knows
    If you don't mind your mother's tweets
    A tickling wind will blow
    Your bedclothes from your feet
    Everybody moan, everybody shake,
    The Brighton Tickler wants to catch you

    (all apologies to the Decemberists)


    "Later, it was revealed that

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    "Later, it was revealed that the Feared Foster Foot Fondler was in fact one of the student reporters that originally invented the story."