Fishing along Lynn Shore Drive

It was a nice day for driving along Lynn Shore Drive with the window down - and stopping to take in the view.

At high tide, the waves crashed into the seawall, sending spray on anyone close enough to the wall.

Crashing wave



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    It was a nice day for driving along Lynn Shore Drive with the window down

    As someone who has gone down Lynn Shore Drive with the windows down... *gag* Bleh. *gag* ...sorry, just the thought of it makes me feel like puking.

    Well you were

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    ..over near the Swampscott border which is about as run down as Belmont.

    It's much cleaner than it was when my dad was a slumlord there in the mid 60s.

    I remember walking along the beach in late fall and mistaking a condom floating in a tide pool for some kind of sea creature. I fished it out with a stick and noticed it was man made but its function was a mystery to the kid version of me.

    The old man had a three or 4 bedroom dump on Newhall street across from the site of one of the Boston stranglers killings. It's a liquor store parking lot now as my old man took a bath on the place and walked on the mortgage and a fire finished it off.

    I did several site visits to that area in February, March and April and was impressed by how far along it's come since the bad old days.

    It still has poor people in various 'not white' configurations which may make dog whistles about smelly, etc, go a blowing.

    But really, they gotta live somewhere or the whistle blowers won't be getting their dunkies and retail help. Pearl clutching will ensue about the increased expense of getting the bark mulch spread, etc.

    The coolest part of one trip in the heart of old industrial waterfront Lynn's Heritage Park was the abundance of waterfowl including species I don't often see, mergansers, buffleheads, eiders and the usual mallards.

    It blew a hole in the theory that such critters only show up in pristine places.

    Well ,it's the same ocean as

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    Well ,it's the same ocean as la da la Nahant and Swampscott , with a twist of Revere Beach, heavily oiled , ( tanning oil, not Sunoco style ) .

    The Lynnodor Is A Periodic Problem

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    There's something about the algae that lives in the ocean there that periodically has a bloom and/or die-off that results in that notorious Lynnodor. I don't believe the scientists completely understand what causes it.

    Sometimes, there's no Lynnodor at all, or sometimes it's just a mild smell suggestive of fresh clams. But at other times, you're absolutely right; the Lynnodor at that particular location can become very intense, and not in a good way!

    I grew up in Beverly, and one

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    I grew up in Beverly, and one of my favorite rides was to East Boston and Chelsea to visit my relatives. Going up Lynn Shore Drive, smelling the all to familiar odor of dying algae, hearing my father's old stories of his uncle's Chinese Junk that was moored at the Lynn Yacht Club. The stretch of road between the Swamp/Lynn line and basically all up through East Boston, is one of the hidden gems of MA. Incidentally, I now live in Revere, and would love to see more development out of this stretch. It'll start with the Revere Beach area, and hopefully seep upward into Lynn.

    People get splashed for sport/fun there

    Every major storm it seems, including hurricanes when the Lynn Shore Drive is closed, folks flock there, some with ponchos, to get splashed. It's like an extreme sport. I have a lot of those pictures crowdsourced on LynnHappens.

    Closer to Swampscott, you'll see a lot of stand-up boarders and even some surfers, though I don't think there are ideal surfing waves. There's a great surf shop that doubles as a cafe just over the line in Swampscott, too.

    I live in downtown Lynn - a neighborhood that's changed a lot since 2005. Thanks for featuring Lynn.

    BTW, this morning was the inaugural run of the Lynn Commuter Ferry.