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Slide for the Revolution

Ari Ofsevit spotted poor Slyde, the Revolution mascot, waiting for a CT2 bus in Kendall Square this afternoon.




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This says volumes about the way this team is run.

Would somebody please lend me the money to buy the Revs away from "Mr. Kraft"?

This team could have an even better performance and larger fan base if it got out of the Route 1 death valley and in a place where they belong, like Somerville.

The trade off would be of course bearded ones acting at games like it is a 1986 Queen concert and trying to emulate Portland or Seattle, who themselves think they are in Barcelona or Belgrade, but those teams are good and make a lot of money and get a lot of attention because they are well run.

The Revs seem to be shaking off a few years of doldrums, but they could be so much better.

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There were rumors of Revere

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There were rumors of Revere trying to build a Revs stadium where the old Wonderland Dog Track is. Tons of land behind there a well. T accessible, super close to East Boston (where tons of Latin Americans live, and follow soccer to a t), and would be a part of the already transforming Revere Beach area. Makes the most sense to me. Especially if a casino is built. Somerville makes sense as well, but I live in Revere. I'm partial.

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You missed the news?

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They are going to be building a stadium at Assembly Square.

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I did. I don't really follow

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I did. I don't really follow the MLS too much, and the only news I hear about new development in Revere is casino talk. Alas, this fell through the cracks. They still need to do something worthwhile with all of that space where the old dog track is. There is a hotel going in there at Wonderland, and they are trying to develop all that land on the other side of the station. We shall see.

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