The weekend in review, Allston Christmas edition

Even on a lazy holiday weekend, the news never stops. Here's some of what you may have missed while savoring that last bit of summer:

Students moved in by the carload, including one whose mother got a taste of Boston street justice. A student fell from the third floor of an MIT frat on Bay State Road. Not everybody left Sorrow Drive unscathed.

A couple of shoppers at the Melrose Shaw's filed a federal lawsuit over credit-card breaches by the company that handles the chain's credit- and debit-card processing.

A man was shot to death in Dorcehster. In a separate Dorchester incident three people were shot in a drive-by. A man with terrible aim opened fire in the Savin Hill T stop, missing both of his intended targets.

Seaport fisticuffs sent several to the hospital.

Woman sexually attacked in Allston.

The North End had a feast.

Rte. 9 in Brookline Village could get dedicated bicycle lanes.



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