Weekend tally: Three shot, five stabbed, none dead

Boston Police have released crime tallies for the holiday weekend.

Compare to Chicago, where 82 people were shot, 14 fatally.



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    Times like this I'm glad we

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    Times like this I'm glad we're a relatively 'small' town. Does Chicago disprove the old adage that 'an armed society is a polite society'?

    Chicago is a gun free zone.

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    Chicago is a gun free zone. Unless you are a cop or criminal. That may change in a few months as permitting laws loosen there following a court order.

    Statistically that either

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    Statistically that either results in the same or slightly reduced levels of violent crime. Some criminals are deterred by the possibility of armed resistance from the public. The most hardcore criminals are already afraid of nothing and keep on offending regardless of the threat of an armed public or police force.

    Keeping repeat offenders locked up and effectively policing gangs has the biggest reduction in violent crime. Something Chicago can't or won't do.

    Agreed. BTW, I don't think

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    Agreed. BTW, I don't think more gun laws will necessarily work, but I try to deflate the idea that more guns will solve any problem any chance I get.


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    The best you could do was something in a third-rate journal (which may be pay-to-play, the site is unclear), and an article (ie not a peered research paper) in a student-edited (and explicitly conservative+libertarian) legal review?

    Ok, sure. Well, a similarly quick (but somewhat less intellectually lazy) google for recent papers in highly-regarded peer-reviewed journals, brings up this analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

    Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Fatalities in the United States

    And this one in the American Journal of Public Health:

    Evaluating the Effect of State Regulation of Federally Licensed Firearm Dealers on Firearm Homicide

    Reasearchers of both found a significant statistical corrrelation between stronger controls on firearm ownership and lower rates of firearm suicide/injury/homicide.

    "police gangs" LOL

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    "effectively policing gangs has the biggest reduction in violent crime."

    LOL. There are over 500-600 separate gang factions in Chicago with close to 100K gang members and growing. Some control nothing more than a simple street block.

    But instead of controlling guns, you think it's just easier to "effectively police gangs." Just like that - simple as pie. "No" to stopping large magazines. No to blocking straw purchases. No to closing gun show loopholes. Just "effectively police gangs." What a joke.


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    Armed society is polite society. Additionally, Chicago's gun laws are just as strict as Boston's, and they're equally NOT enforced.


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    There are idiots everywhere - two morons having a pissing contest could have easily done it with knives with similar results had guns not been available. Now tell me, Mr know-it-all, how many shootings were perpetrated by LEGAL gun owners in the entire state of Georgia over the entire month of July? My guess is fewer than 82.

    PS: two people shot in a place where guns are legal everywhere vs 82 people shot in a place where guns are illegal everywhere - which one sounds worse?

    Worth noting that one of

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    Worth noting that one of those guys was carrying illegally to begin with and had been arrested many times for harassing patrons and trespassing at that store.

    No. Any given population,

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    No. Any given population, once armed, does not automatically become polite, as Chicago demonstrates. A polite society is a polite society, armed or not.

    I saw that Chicago headline...

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    and I know it's a much bigger city (both geographically and by population), but jeepers, 82 people shot in one long weekend? I find that inconceivable.

    Chicago's about four times our size

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    If we had the same July 4 shooting rate as Chicago, we would have had about 20 shootings and 3 or 4 murders.

    Conversely, if Chicago had our July 4 rate, it would have had 12 or 13 shootings, and no murders.

    We've had some bad weekends over the past few years; fortunately, this wasn't one of them.


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    We have been lucky so far this summer. There was a shooting fatality in Cambridge on the 4th though.

    Why the Chicago comparison?

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    Weird comparison. Is that to make us feel better about Marty Walsh and Mousey Evans or worse about the Obama/Emmanuel regime?

    Yes, we got together at the Obamadrome this morning ...

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    I picked Chicago because all weekend long I kept seeing the mounting tallies from there and it seemed like just such an extreme example. New York also had a lot of shootings, but I didn't see a final tally like I did for Chicago ...

    They are a larger, more

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    They are a larger, more corrupt, and gang ridden city (enabled by the corruption) than us.

    Boston for all its warts is a more efficient and less corrupt city than most. Scary isn't it?

    Yes, but I'm sure most of the

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    Yes, but I'm sure most of the surrounding counties in Illinois and other states don't, particularly when it comes to straw purchasers and gunshow loopholes. All guns start off on the legal market but end up on the black market somehow - but any attempt to limit the amount of guns purchased for resale between private buyers and sellers are resoundingly shouted down by the NRA.

    " All guns start off on the legal market"


    All guns do not start off on the legal market. I don't know where this idea came from. I've heard far too many people say this, and it is completely wrong. I don't know for sure, but I am certain a good number of illegal firearms do start off as legal firearms. This is definitely not the case for all firearms.

    In order for an entity to manufacture firearms, they must possess a GCA manufacturer's license. Noted on link one below in paragraph 7.1.1.

    In 2013 a Connecticut teen was arrested for manufacturing firearms. Noted on link two below. In the state of Connecticut the minimum legal age to have a license for owning a pistol is 21. Noted in link three below in the paragraph underneath the heading "Instructions to applicants".

    These firearms were in circulation, used in the commission of a crime and certainly never started their life off as legal firearms. Because of the age of the firearms maker, I am willing to bet the farm he didn't have a pistol permit, nor did he have a GCA manufacturer's license. I'm also certain he was not a member of the NRA. For the reasons listed above, with the links below as my citations, I will say all illegal firearms do NOT start off as legal firearms.




    I sure hope Adam doesn't add a thumbs down to this site. I'm sure I'd come close to getting the most. :D


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    Generally speaking the guns we're talking about do start out on the legal market, with few exceptions that aren't really that relevant to this conversation.

    Hmm...I actually thought you would get more thumbs up than that. :)

    I lived in Chicago for five

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    I lived in Chicago for five years, in the Woodlawn area in the South Side. It honestly looks a lot worse than it is. People make it seem like we were going to sleep to gunshots every night. I probably heard them two or three times a month. I did see a guy get shot once, but I also saw a guy get shot in Dorchester since I've been here in Boston. Shit can happen anywhere. I was more scared of the Chicago PD back then, than I was scared of the neighborhood dudes.

    I can remember when Chicago was well known

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    for it's city hall corruption, but it was managed beautifullyas a city and had far less violent street crime than now. So it's not just corruption, it goes much deeper than that.

    Get it together, people

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    We're never gonna achieve that coveted "world class" label if we can't keep up.