Welders, neighboring landlord sued over fatal Beacon Street fire

WBUR reports the owner of 298 Beacon St. is suing the welders who allegedly started the fire that killed two Boston firefighters and the owner of 296 Beacon, where they were working.




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    Least surprising story of the week (year?)

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    If the reports are true (no permit, no exstinguisher on site), it's hard to see how these guys are not dead ducks.

    One of the commenters on Boston.com (yes, I know) indicated that insurance won't cover the welders if they did not pull a permit. So that potentially puts these guys personal assets in play.

    I wonder if they will get hit with criminal charges as well.

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    One would hope.

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    As a former site monkey for a general contractor my hatred for sleazy trades clowns is like white hot.

    One reason is because of the damage they do to their own honest fellow trades people and I pretty much agree with Mao as far as gouging rent seekers and slimy property speculators are concerned.

    We lost two of our community's best to vile cheapskate bullshit from its worst.

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    Yep. It always amazed me

    Yep. It always amazed me when people would knowingly work without pulling the necessary permits because of the insurance issue. And, it always amazes me when people have work done on their buildings and do not get a copy of the insurance certificate from the contractor before the work begins (that's a moot point here.)

    I guess they were gambling on the fact that since nothing bad had happened before then, nothing bad would continue to happen.

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    Until I started working for a

    Until I started working for a general contractor I had no idea what an insurance certificate was let alone why it was needed. I can understand how an owner would have no idea but everyone else involved knew better.

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    Expect for the part where the

    Expect for the part where the article says that the owner was under the impression that the work was going to be done offsite. If this was the case how is it the owner's fault?

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    Telephone game

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    That information comes from the Boston Herald article in which the quote from the realty company is actually:

    “It was the company’s understanding that these railings would be prefabricated offsite,” the statement said. “We have cooperated fully with the investigators, providing them with all relevant information, and will continue to do so. The company also expects to launch its own review.”

    They need to be more specific. The railings may very well have been pre-fabricated offsite. However if welding was required for their installation, then the realty company is back on the hook.

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