Well, whadaya know? The new bar at South Station has a killer video system

South Station thief sought

Transit Police report they're looking for a guy who sauntered out of the Tavern in the Square late on June 20 with somebody else's purse.

They've posted several photos of the Where's Purse-Snatching Waldo and ask anybody who know where he is to call detectives at 617-222-1050 or text an anonymous tip to 873873.



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Likewise ...

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... a surprisingly large number of people with facial video camera jamming technology.

This bar appears to have a

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This bar appears to have a better security cam than any of the bank cams I've seen on UHub.

Package theif too!

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This is the same guy who was caught on a security camera helping himself to packages in the lobby of the 210 Lincoln residences around the same time! We lived in the area (just moved last week) and they were circulating the pictures around the neighborhood. From what we heard he just punched buttons on the callbox until someone buzzed him in and then walked out with a giant stack of boxes that had been left there for the residents by UPS/Fedex.

Without addressing the foolishness of someone just buzzing in people they don't know, the whole South Station/Leather District area does seem to be getting worse. We lived there for over 6 years and I have witnessed a lot of stuff, a lot of which can probably be contributed to the heroin epidemic that is in full swing here. The bus station and the foot traffic between it and the Pine Street Inn and St. Francis house are really problematic, to be honest. Part of the issue is that there is basically NO regular police presence there (or much of Boston, really) and people just sort of have free reign. Anyway, off to call the hotline and let them know ...

I've noticed a lot of

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I've noticed a lot of sketchiness recently, not just in the traditional sketch benches on Atlantic Avenue between the train and bus stations, but also in the train station itself.

It would be nice if there was more of a police/security presence. A lot of the time the security desk is empty.