Well, what book would you read to little kids if you were general manager of the MBTA?

Beverly Scott and the Little Engine that Could

Photo by MBTA.

MBTA GM Beverly Scott read to kids at the Crispus Attucks Children's Center in Dorchester today. She chose two books: The Little Engine that Could and Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!



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Wonder if one of her assistants

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walked into the room as she was reading, then interrupted to tell her there was a disabled train on the Red Line.

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If the chief executive....

... is involved when a train breaks down, then the organization is pretty badly borked. A chief executive is not supposed to be spending her time dealing with broken trains; a chief executive is supposed to be dealing with whatever shortcomings in process, organization, staffing, training, operational management, capital planning, etc. are leading to a higher-than-acceptable number of broken trains.

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I met Ms. Scott in her days

I met Ms. Scott in her days as head of RIPTA, and I was impressed, I hope she's able to make progress with fixing the T.

Meanwhile, it would be poetic justice if she took the T to this school and ended up getting stuck on a delayed bus or train.

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Don't Let the Pigeon Drive

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Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!----

Hell, maybe a pigeon could do a better job on the 230 Montello!!! It's damn worth a try!!!

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it's what I'm thinking when riding the T; 'C'mon, you can make it ! Just 50 more feet and we're in the station!'

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You know what this means...

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The Little Engine That Couldn't
The Magic School Bus On Strike
The Phantom Farebox
The Lion, The Switch, And The Derailment
Where The Wild Things Are Waiting For A Delayed Bus
A Wrinkle In Tracks
Where The Sidewalk Ends

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From the Children's Collection

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Green Lines and Slam! (The Sleepy Conductor) and There's a Wocket out of my Pocket (The Red Line Groper)

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Yeah fix this

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Yeah fix this please.. I noticed this earlier today (I wanted to post a "The More You Know" picture under the story about the pine tar..)

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Testing 1 2 3


Let's see if this works...

EDIT: Huzzah! It works! Thank you.

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One day they'll have to commute via T and know the book was A LIE! Muahahaha #MBTA

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