West Roxbury could get a froyo place - and another place to buy beer and wine

Looks like the former Parlour Pizza is getting divided into two separate places: A new pizza place called Mangia Neopolitan Pizza and a froyo place called Yogoteria.

The Boston Licensing Board considers a food-serving license for both at 1727 Centre St. at a hearing next week. If approved, West Roxburyans with a yen for froyo won't have to make the trek to the new froyo place opening in Roslindale Square.

Both Mangia and Yogoteria would be open until midnight if the board grants its OK.

Also before the board next week: A request from the owners of the venerable Speedy Mart at 4899 Washington St. to carve out some shelf space for beer and wine.

The last time somebody sought to sell liquor - on VFW Parkway - residents complained West Roxbury already has enough places to buy booze. The board disregarded that argument.

Hearings begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in the board's eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.



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    How many more pizza places

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    How many more pizza places have to go in that spot before people realize it's just not a good fit there? I wish them well but just saying...

    Maybe a Dorothy Muriel bake

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    Maybe a Dorothy Muriel bake shop would do well there. Never heard of a froyo , I always liked the Duncan Imperial model.