West Roxbury losing its other independent bookstore

The Boston Bibliophile reports Seek Books on Centre Street is shutting down:

I've just about fallen in love with Asimov, the beautiful white bookstore cat, and Jeff and I have made afternoons of visiting West Roxbury- lunch, stops at other shops along Centre Street, a cupcake at Sugar Bakery- every now and then. We found a lot of treasures at Seek, which specializes in classic SF and collectibles and has always had an impressive selection for the small size of the store. We bought some things yesterday and we are going to try to stop by before it closes for good. If you're in the Boston area, do him a solid and help take some inventory off his hands before he departs for New Mexico.

Pazzo Books, at the other end of Centre, announced in January it was shutting down as well, which will leave West Roxbury with only the book section at the Hallmark store.



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Boomerangs. When they sell books for $0.50 it's hard to justify buy a book from Seek Books for $10

If you just want a random book, sure

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However, if you're interested in a particular genre, or are looking for specific out-of-print books, you really have to go to an actual bookshop. (And the vast majority of Seek's books are way less than $10, hyperbolic anon.)

I'm sorry to see Seek close, although not surprised. Yes, Brad could be a bit grumpy at times, but overall he was a pretty decent guy - and very fair in his pricing as well. I will also miss giving Asimov the cat skritches when I visit.

The owner...

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I support local businesses but I am not much of a sci fi person. I had a horrible experience with the owner of this shop. Shortly after this store opened, I parked in front of this store so I could visit the framing store on the corner. The owner came out and slammed his hand into the side of my car and screamed at me that he had a delivery and why do 'you people' always park there. I was shocked. I said (as calmly as I could muster) you could just ASK me if I would mind moving since you had a delivery coming. I moved my car forward 15 feet and then visited the framing shop on the corner and picked up my very large and heavy picture. He watched as I struggled to load it into my car. He maybe should run an online store so he doesn't have to deal with 'people' who support local businesses and drive vehicles to get our purchases home.