What a bleak street

Bleak Boston street

The folks at the City of Boston Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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    Time: early 1900's (before 1919)?

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    Union Tank Line was the rail company set up by Standard Oil in 1891, and became independent when Uncle Sam broke up Standard in 1911. In 1919, the company changed it's name to Union Tank Car (today's UTLX), so it probably would have restenciled the tank cars with it's new name. No idea where in the city this would be; someplace where hauling oil or other chemicals would be necessary.


    Well, the building on the left rear has Lube in their name, so they're probably getting a delivery of those tank cars.

    However there weren't many places where heavy rail crossed trolley tracks. Given the close proximity of industry and housing, maybe East Boston??

    LUBE or TUBE?

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    I can make out "UIT ?UBE AND P??E CO" so I'm guessing that refers to "CONDUIT TUBE AND PIPE COMPANY".

    Thinking about it some more

    I'm thinking about it some more and this actually could be the place. The gas tanks between Day Sq and Chelsea St Bridge were there at least as early as 1938. They definitely have seen rail service in the past, so the tankers would make sense. We would have to be looking northeast. It would also have to have been before the McLellan Hwy was built, which I'm not sure when it was built. At right, the tracks start fanning out a little, as they approach the former railyard in Eastie.


    Could be, there was an oil

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    Could be, there was an oil terminal there , between D and E , before the split at the Pappas building. Truck leasing companies had been renting there, think it was Cities Services tank farm.


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    these old pics. No idea where this is. I assume bleak is a clue?

    No, just a description

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    The City Archives post photos like this once or twice a week but they never give me any advance info about them, so I'm as much in the dark as everybody else :-).

    Route 99/Sullivan Area?

    There are some areas over by where the rotary is now that once had that sort of mishmash of housing, heavy rail, trolley rail, and electrical and phone line sorts of stuff.

    The Answer!

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    Thanks for playing folks! This is Saratoga Street in East Boston. Date is June 1906



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