What the? How do you even do that?

Overturned car on Storrow Drive

Martin Lieberman spotted this overturned car on Storrow Drive inbound shortly before 8 p.m., says the driver reported he was OK.

Laura Manning reports she heard the incident from her window, says there was "a solid three seconds of brakes" before the crash. She adds "dude got cuffed" by State Police.



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You can get a fine for that

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You can get a fine for that in the US, I'm sure he will learn his lesson after he is let off with a warning.


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the flipped car have one of those "Support the Children" vanity plates?

Guess he figured there weren't any children on Storrow.

The shirt/no shirt timeline

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For some reason, the Herald coverage leaves me with one question- when did the guy do from shirtless to shirted, or was it vice versa? Okay, that's 2 question.

Yup, I lied. The third question is- if he had a shirt, where were his shoes?