When Blue Line wires collapse, getting anywhere is like shooting craps

Wire troubles on the Blue Line mean buses instead of subways between Orient Heights and Wonderland this morning.



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ah ok!

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This would explain the extremely long delays between trains and no real time information (which is funny because the app still had it, while the signs in the stations did not).

Slooow ride to work.. zzz took me almost an hour. (but I also waited forever on a 116/117 when the McArdle bridge opened)

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Many of the apps out there

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Many of the apps out there default to the scheduled times in the absence of realtime info, which might explain that.

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So when I peered down from the Tobin at that huge Irving tanker leaving the Chelsea Creek, were you one of those ants down there?

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Well, No Wonder … Land ...

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The system was still backed up at 3:30. A train arrived momentarily, but it crept along at a snails pace to Orient Heights. From there however, it resumed normal speed the rest of the way into Bowdoin.

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That's the Blue Line 'switch problem' zone.

I went through the Red Line counterpart today to cover Harborwalk along Columbia Point and bailed at JFK.

Return was via Savin.... uneventful.

All the misery demons decamped for the Blue Line.

I think I'll roll again tomorrow for Suffolk Downs as Belle Isle is a likely party zone for returning shore birds.

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A Little Slow Coming Home, But I Can't Complain ...

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Returning this evening, the train crept along again from Orient Heights to Wonderland, so whatever the problem is, it's something associated with that particular stretch of the Blue Line.

I really can't complain though; compared to the other services, the Blue Line is absolutely fabulous, and it usually runs quite well.

Take the Blue Line to the beach, today!

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Interesting how

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the T never seemed to have these problems when the "wire to third rail" switchover point was at Maverick instead of at Airport.

Personally, I'm still trying to understand the rationale for changing the switchover point in the first place.

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I Suspect Yesterday's Problem Was Signal Wiring, Not Catenary

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My trains moved along, but much slower than usual. That typically happens when there's a signal problem. It's also typical for the over-simplify problem descriptions; a "wire problem" could refer to any kind of wiring.

They changed the switchover location when the new Airport Station opened. Perhaps it's easier to maintain third rail power between Airport and Maverick Stations, than it is catenary wiring. Also remember, the Blue Line changed from four-car to six-car trains, so there was probably some sort of power upgrade that occurred at the same time.

I still don't really understand why the Blue Line has two different power modes to begin with. Yes, it's a little closer to the ocean than the nearly identical Orange Line, but the Red Line goes just as close; and, neither line is close enough to receive any actual ocean-spray effect.

I'm sure there are economic and engineering trade-offs between the two power systems, but supporting two at the same time can't be as practical as simply choosing one over the other.

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