When a car could get stuck under trolley wires in Boston

Car stuck in the snow under trolley wires

The folks at the Boston City Archives wonder if you can place this photo. See it larger.



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South Street!

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South Street! Jamaica Plain! Awesome neighborhood.


Neponset Circle - Even better neighborhood; Good highway access, quasi-affordable real estate, a health center, good barber, good coffee shop, steps from the beach and a bike path, big baseball field, hockey rink, hockey dek, fire station, car wash, and the memories of early teenage flirting with Maureen Lucia in the early 80's around the corner from here.

This photo has to be about 1965, based upon the cars and the trackless trolley, not street car wires still in place. The Minot School would have been on the very left of this picture, and 410 Neponset Ave (on left) still had the paint job it has there until about 2 years ago.

Hopefully Maureen Lucia is

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Hopefully Maureen Lucia is now Maureen Lucia Costello?
There used to be an old school there that was the first Neponset Health Center...not in the picture but it was a beautiful building...it does look like south street in JP but you can read the Minot Street sign....

The Minot School, the

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The Minot School, the Neponset Health Center has a great pic of it in the lobby!

Not Goldwater.

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Not Goldwater.
It looks like it's "Louis T." or "Louis F." - something starting with "M".

Doesn't it say...

"Retain" so-and-so?

What kind of posts require (or used to require) retention elections? Judges face such elections in some states, but did they ever here (nothing I find suggests they did).


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Is completely legible. I was referring to the name at the bottom. Whatever it says, it's not Goldwater.

Retain Leroy F. Manor...

... it what it seems to say (not the best JPEG scan). Not in Wikipedia, but does anyone remember a local election back when? It would likely give us exact dates.

Leroy F. Manor

There is someone of this name who is 76 years old and now lives in Bellingham -- and who was president of the Boston Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in 1978-79. Before that, he apparently was in charge of a commando team which tried to rescue POWs in North Vietnam. No hints I can find as to public offices he may have once held. But he sounds like an interesting guy.

Perhaps the sign was for this Leroy Manor's father?

Louis Musco

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Yes, after the fact, but I would claim the photo is from late 1960/early 1961. Musco was appointed Register of Probate in early 1960 and was in the election that year to retain the post. In other elections, people would have been asked to "reelect" him. He died in office while seeking reelection in 1972.

By the way, the origins of my dislike of Stephen Murphy, a good public servant but a poor politician, is that in his first election after stepping up, his signs said "reelect." We didn't elect him in the first place. We elected another guy who took another job. And yes, while I was diligent enough to track down the flickr version of this photo and look in the newspapers for the date, I am too lazy to track down who left for Murphy to get his job.

The John E. Maloney

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hero square sign on the corner puts it at the intersection of Minot Street and Neponset Avenue. Around 1960-ish, judging from the cars (whatever happened to fins, anyway?), but I can't say for sure.


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whatever happened to fins, anyway?

There was a TV commercial in the late 70s or early 80s with some Russians pining for America.

One of the characters said, "I vahnt beeg Americahn cahr... Vwit tailfins!"

Potentially also talking about Montana.

Montana was

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where Sam Neil's character in The Hunt For Red October wanted to live once they defected.

I want to buy a large pick up truck. And perhaps a recreational vehicle.


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I'm pretty sure that the Russian wanted to see "Montana...the beeg sky countree."

That commercial, which I have not been able to find on Youtube, is not to be confused with this one:

Those are trackless trolley

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Those are trackless trolley wires (two wires in each direction, one for positive the other negative, streetcars have the negative return through the tracks). Neponset at Minot St. What is now the Route 201/202 bus, Neponset route was converted from trackless to diesel bus on April 1, 1961, but the wires might have stayed up for awhile after that.

Thanks for playing, folks!

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Thanks for playing, folks! This is Neponset Avenue and Minot Street in the 1960s (prior to 1968).

All the cars that clan be

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All the cars that clan be discerned are Chevy's , although I think I saw an Oldsmobile parked, maybe the dude went into Rooney's......

Minot school turned Neponset

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Minot school turned Neponset Health Center (eventually knocked down and replaced with not so nice building)