When life gives you Glenn Beck fans, make lemonade

Seems Beck has been making an issue of how Salem canceled a contract with anti-gay Gordon College several weeks early and his fans have been flooding Mayor Kim Driscoll with angry, sputtering phone calls. Driscoll's response: For every call, she'll donate $5 to the North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth.



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this is why

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Kim Driscoll is awesome. Seriously.. good for her.

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Boston Globe:

When she concluded her initiative last Friday, her office had tallied 161 negative calls and e-mails, so her contribution will be $805, according to Dominick Pangallo, the mayor’s chief of staff. The alliance has also received about $8,000 in other donations as a result of Driscoll’s action.

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That's funny. You actually

That's funny. You actually trust web-filtering software to filter only pornography?

I would think google would have told you that it's the North Shore Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth.

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trust me. its not porn. my company blocks it also (but I also have a login to have it removed, which I just did)

Lots of web filters see "Gay" and just block it thinking its porn. It's silly

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Oh, trust me

Oh, trust me, I know. I just thought it was hilarious. The filters here are awful, and don't really do much except create an annoyance when it comes to something actually useful/harmless.

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What kind of filter are you running under?

This sounds like one of those ultra-religious nanny-filters that also block sites on breast cancer and breast-feeding -- because "breast" [cue Beavis and Butthead giggles].

If it's a corporate filter, you may want to notify your IT folks that they're mis-classifying LGBT charities as porn.

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The Fed filters are so

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The Fed filters are so annoying. They were blocking archives.org for a while there, I think because of the game emulator on it. Can't visit any "comedy" sites either, apparently we can't have a sense of humor :)

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He still has rabid fans?

I figured he'd be on insomnia Teevee flogging slicer dicer kitchen devices by now.

The stuff you miss when you kick old media to the curb.

Puyallup... ever heard of it?

Some nutjob murdered his toddlers there last year or so.

It is also the Daffodil Capital.

It has a ridiculous hick fair that is slowly dying.

And it is where Glenn Beck first welcomed the sun.

I used to have to go there to get checks from my temp agency.

It is a strange little town.

Betcha Swirls knows of it.

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