When Logan sets that old jet fuselage on fire for training, maybe it should alert people over the airport PA

Andrew Zimmern, yes, the weird-food guy, reports he was pretty freaked out shortly before 11 a.m. when he looked out the window of the Delta terminal and saw a plane spewing flames and smoke out on the tarmac.

Am I alone seeing a plane on fire on Tarmac at Logan in Boston? Lots of lights and responding vehicles and a blackened hull spewing flames

Informed that's just a regular training exercise for firefighters, he added:

Wow. Test burns and training ops should be announced in airport. Lots of scared ppl staring out windows. No officials saying anything




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    Isn't Logan's fire-safety

    Isn't Logan's fire-safety exercises usually the last Wednesday of the month? If you see them regularly and realize that they're in the same location, and notice that the rest of the time there's a blackened plane fuselage in that place, you get used to them quickly. That said...

    I agree: for passengers and those not familiar with the comings and goings at KBOS, this could be startling. I think an announcement by ATC for incoming/departing flights and an in-terminal announcement for passengers waiting to board could put many minds at ease.

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    Attention seeker doesn't think first

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    before sending tweet.

    Thats the real story here.

    Dummy should have asked someone, instead of spreading fear and ignorance.

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    sounds like it had already

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    sounds like it had already spread pretty far already.... who do you think he should have asked? Considering the wait one faces to ask a gate agent anything, twitter is far more efficient

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