When pizza franchisees go rogue, they get sued

West Roxbury-based Pizzeria Uno is suing the owners of five of its franchises in Puerto Rico (yes, you can fly all the way to Puerto Rico and eat the same pizza you'd normally eat in Dedham) on charges they stopped paying franchise and advertising fees last year.

Uno's suit, filed in US District Court in Boston, seeks nearly $500,000 in back payments, plus penalties and lawyers' fees.




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Despedida Uno!

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Looks like there soon won't be any Uno's in Puerto Rico. You know it's serious when the parent sues the franchise.

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What else is it called?

That's what I called it ever since it arrived here (and even before, when I visited the original in Chicago)

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west roxbury

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I like how the "original chicago style" pizzeria is headquartered in west roxbury.

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Back when we lived in Chicago....

... centuries ago, the not-yet chain had two pizzerias -- the first was called Uno's and the second was called Due's. Somehow, things kind of got out of hand after that (by then we had left Chicago and were in Georgian exile).

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First Yelp comment - somebody from Revere!

It's Uno. It's a family restaurant. It seems to be better than the one that I used to frequent in Revere, MA. The menu has some different offerings. Our waitress was nice but it takes a while to receive food.

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