Trolley derails near Kenmore, Green Line FUBAR

Green Lime riders in Kenmore Square.

Mister Jon captured the scene in Kenmore Square, where refugees streamed out of the Green Line after a trolley derailed.



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Too bad the MBTA

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doesn't want to admit that FACT to their passengers. Latest alert

Green Line experiencing severe delays due to a switch and track issue at Kenmore Station.

Will someone please tell the

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Will someone please tell the legislature to stop having wet dreams about casinos and FIX THE MBTA?!


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can anon's stop complaining about Casinos vs the T and realize they are funded two very different ways and it just doesn't work like that.

There's a lot of reasons why the T is the way it is.. and some of it has nothing to do with money or funding.

Gee whiz

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Legislative priority: spending time fixing a broken, underfunded, poorly managed transit system vs. spending time on furthering cronyism.

I was riding inbound from

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I was riding inbound from Fenway when we were asked to get off at Kenmore due to "operational difficulties." Heh.

Not again, Not again

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Green line needs to get it's act together. It's a Monday morning and a bad way to start off the work week.

I was there

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I was there and it was an extreme chaos, people where frightened, others were taking pictures, an old lady even collapsed in with a heat stroke.


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Happy fiftieth anniversary MBTA

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The T sure knows how to celebrate its anniversary month.

Although, that picture is a nice glimpse just how dependent we are on the correct functioning of this ancient, creaking, underfunded, mismanaged, deteriorating transportation system...

C and D service has resumed

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B service still being bussed between Blandford and Kenmore. Latest T alert:

Update: Shuttle buses replacing Green B-Line between Blandford Street & Kenmore Stations. Regular service has resumed on Green D- and C-Line.

Green D- and C-Line regular service has resumed. Eastbound B-Line service will terminate at Blandford Street Station and is replaced with shuttle buses between Blandford and Kenmore in both directions. Please expect severe delays in service and utilize the Orange Line in the downtown area where possible.

Shuttling the following stops:
Kenmore Station
Blandford St. Station

Last updated: Aug 18 2014 02:21 PM

Short trip

Kind of odd that they'd even bother shuttling between Kenmore and Blandford. That's like a 2 minute walk.

They have to

If people want to walk, they can. But the shuttles would be a necessity per ADA law. Just like the 608 loop for the Government Center shutdown.

I can't find an answer either

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I can't find an answer either way, but I believe there's some welded rail on the MBTA subway lines.