Where does a grumpy old lady on a Red Line shuttle bus go?

Anywhere she wants.

Alison Farquhar recounts an incident on a Red Line shuttle out of Broadway this afternoon:

Belligerent old Polish lady INSISTED the JFK/Andrew shuttle should drop her off at Old Harbor... so it did.

It would be one thing if she accidentally got on the wrong bus and it was too late, but she was stalwart.

Before it even left Broadway: "Ma'am you need to get on the #9 or 11." "No! No!"



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Give her a break

It was a broiling hot afternoon. I'm surprised there weren't fist-fights all weekend. Based on the looks of the thousands of riders who had to transfer to/from buses at Broadway this weekend, we were lucky to avoid a riot.


That's no way for a grow ass

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That's no way for a grow ass person to act. Life has it's challenges. Deal with them..


What's a grow ass?

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Is that like what happens after people get married?


I'm sorry

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But I don't agree.

That bus was not her personal driver so she could request a stop. Like the driver said, she should have taken another bus. The bus she was on goes somewhere else, you got on the wrong bus. Tough shit, pay attention. I see this happen all the time.

I'm sorry, but I deal with some of the rudest and pushiest people on several bus lines I ride and I've grown very tired of it. Its like the people I ride with and this lady who make riding the T a bad experience.

Sorry its PUBLIC transit.. transit for ALL. You want door to door service? Take a cab or call the RIDE (if you qualify).

PS - What about ALL the riders she inconvenienced? What about THEM? Why was she so special (other than making a huge stink). Again, you want private service, ride Uber.


A Break?

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She's awesome! And so is the shuttle driver!


Cranky Old ladies

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Sometimes the simplest thing to do is to just do what is requested. I feel for the driver, I really do. If the stop wasn't out of the way, it was likely less inconvenient (for everyone) to make an extra stop, than to stop the bus, argue with her, call the T police, have her removed from the bus, and continue on.

I took a JFK to Ashmont Red Line substitute shuttle

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a couple of weeks ago and everyone, including the driver, treated it like a local bus. The bus would stop at any bus stop whenever anyone signaled. Too bad for me because I was going all the way to Ashmont and it took closer to 45 minutes instead of the expected 15 and I missed my connection. Maybe I should have been grumpier.


We shouldn't be expected to

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We shouldn't be expected to include so much padding in a trip that 30 extra minutes is no big deal. Most of our lives do not revolve around the T.


if i have to be somewhere

if i have to be somewhere important i know the MBTA is not the most reliable and so does anybody else that regularly takes it.

case in point: oh, i dont know, this article for one


The shuttle bus took THREE

The shuttle bus took THREE TIMES as long as it was scheduled, seemingly because the driver was an idiot. No wonder people don't take the T when it's really important to get somewhere on time...


Asking someone to schedule an

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Asking someone to schedule an extra 30 minutes for every transfer is totally ridiculous. If a bus is 30 minutes late, even at the peak of rush hour, it means something is wrong with the T or the local traffic planning, not the passenger.


what about me?

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I keep demanding the orange line stop in Roslindale Square. Do I need to act more belligerent?


Yup, she is a cranky old

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Yup, she is a cranky old crone - but anyone who is actually seriously commenting on this - come on! It's hilarious. As another person said: She's awesome! And so is the shuttle driver.

Perfectly said.

That's Mrs Beligerent Old Polish Lady!

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What's wrong with a salty old polish lady, she has every right to be that way "She's Old" I can't wait for that age when I don't (Have-to) sensor every god damn thing that's coming out the hole in my face.

Some people get older and...

... nicer. It's sad to think that anyone would consider being able to be selfish, rude and thoughtless an "advantage of growing old".

(from someone who is almost grown old)