While mayor vows to fight pot dispensaries, city stands ready to help Bain Capital

The Dig takes a look at Marty Walsh's steadfast opposition against letting non-profits open voter-approved medical-marijuana dispensaries in Boston even as his administration gets ready to shut its one public Methadone clinic just as Bain Capital is beefing up its portfolio in for-profit drug clinics.



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Thanks MassHealth and ObamaCare

With free MassHealth coverage addicts who can't hold down jobs (and thus not have private health care) get free (to them) drugs (treatment) at clinics, making them profitable business opportunities. Naturally Bain and others want a piece. With pot dispensaries being non-profit only, investors are less interested.

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And putting nonviolent drug

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And putting nonviolent drug offenders in prison is a better idea? Look at Portugal and Spain to see how you really treat addicts.

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It is just silly to think non profits don't make money

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Non profits are corporations and act like corporations. They just know how to spend the money. Lots of well intentioned interns work super hard but lots of people get paid very well.

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anon, dump & cover...

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Misleading perhaps to people who can't think beyond their rudimentary knowledge of the industry.

The "Money" piece you provided as an illustration of your opinion used ONE actual non-profit, a museum. Hardly comparing oranges to even other citrus fruit are we?

There is an actual recent history of drug non-profit organizations setting up shop and doing quite well at keeping their house in order, not making gigantic salaries, keeping crime in & around the area low and reasonably managed by local law enforcement. Google it ~learn

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It'll be quasi legal by the time

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..ungainly officialdom sorts it out in a new referendum sure to rise.

Other nearby states are champing at the bit.You can order it on Craigslist in NH if you know the right search query.

Once the Fed stops caring, that's it. Cops were starting to get bored with it in the 70s.

And of course there isn't a lot of pressure on small quantity personal growing.

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You can order it on Craigslist in NH if you know the right search query.

I have to seriously doubt that statement. Why would anyone risk it in NH, whose Draconian weed laws would almost guarantee you being in the system for life? Most stoners I know from NH just learn the Tor network for their online weed purchases, as the cops in NH are a little behind in their technology.

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I lived with people who regularly did so last winter..

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NH is veering away from Draco in this instance as the imaginary Tax Free Utopia sees a new vice revenue stream and took note of Attorney General Holder's new stated indifference.

I spent 2 periods of my life up there, from 91 to 96 and a part of last year.

Their legislature is favoring a relaxation of laws with an eye toward legalization.Some of my Google Plus friends up there are pretty excited about it.

Maine is moving that way too and I lived near the border in Dover.

These less prosperous states are kind of hamstrung by their current revenue systems and any new streams such as gambling or weed taxes are being considered.

Glibertarian stoners are probably dumber than most and live in that strange glib dream world which might explain this Tor thing you speak of.

I've noticed a fairly Glibertarian commentariat here so I can imagine some pretty comical myth structures systems spinning out of it.

I knew stoner cops in Portsmouth 20 years ago but it is like their Cambridge.

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Hassan already said

she'd veto any legalization that comes across her desk. And it's unlikely there would be enough votes to override,despite polling that shows a 60% approval of legalization. And while I consider myself a stoner, I've never been confused for being either Gibertarian or dumb.

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My Dover roommates were both..

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but used Craigslist.

That was the original assertion, right?

No weed on Craigslist in NH.

The other deflection to what the Governor claims now will just have to be wait and see.

Booze Prohibition dissolved in a similar manner, not with a big Fed bang but with a series of State whimpers as people discovered more urgent matters.

So we have a few more years of politician Kabuki while the ground reality of enforcement is studied indifference, barring some spectacular stunt like hitting a cop on the head with a bag of weed. Don't rub it in their faces or something.

The decision by the Fed AG office to drop it following the decisions in Colorado and Washington is the tell.

And, while I haven't been following too closely, I fuzzily recall that my friends up there are excited by a referendum, which is a different route than the legislative process.

Assuming that is so, I wonder what one does to thwart a referendum?

This is the point where Kabuki happens.

Can you veto something that doesn't cross your desk?

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