Who is Cars Olny and why does he get his own lane on Soldiers Field Road?

Weird sign on Soldiers Field Road



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That's really bad. If it were something like a misplaced apostrophe then I might have more sympathy, but this just smacks of "spelling check is not my job". (Or maybe "splleing check" is more appropriate.)

When I was in junior high

When I was in junior high school, I had an older teacher who would say to the students who messed around in his class, "Keep screwing around, they always need people to paint lines on the road". I guess they hire the same individuals to spell highway signs.


Ironically, the guy/girls

Ironically, the guy/girls "who paint lines on the road probably have more secure jobs and pay/benefits that are better, or at least competitive with some of the best students your teacher had in his class.

To quote Judge Smails..."The world needs ditch diggers too."