Whom did the Scituate seawall pay off to get on all the news reports?

Channels 4, 5 and 7 all have reporters along the Scituate seawall this noon hour, reporting on the giant boulders that are all that separate the Scituate lighthouse from certain doom. Channel 7's Nicole Oliverio, though, was the only one standing right on the seawall, and she struggled against the wind to maintain her footing.

UPDATE: NECN also has a reporter at the Scituate seawall.



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Scituate is an easy set up.

The reporters can park their trucks right in the parking lot next to the lighthouse/jetty or right on the town pier, which is steps away from a warm restaurant and a break from the cold.

Scituate provides reliable devastation and shots of huge waves in relative convenience. Never underestimate the laziness of reporters!


Coupla reasons

The Scituate coast mostly faces NE, where a lot of the other shorelines may be more E, so it gets a direct hit from the waves with the NE winds.

Scituate also has some pretty dramatic places to be when the storm hits - the lighthouse at the harbor, seawalls at various places like Minot Beach, very low places like Peggotty Beach where houses are on stilts (taxpayers paid for these houses, BTW). These are the places where the newscams always set up. Nothing more dramatic for a news camera than catching a wave hitting a seawall. Waves crashing on a beach are pretty boring compared to any of these shots. Plus, all these places are very accessible for the news truck.