Why crawl from bar to bar when you can take the T?

Boston Magazine reports on a Red Line bar crawl tomorrow sponsored by Future Boston to promote late-night T service. Well, to be exact, they'll start in a bar on Savin Hill, present CharlieCards for a ride to a bar downtown and then finish up with sushi in Harvard Square.

Ed. note: What would an Orange Line equivalent be? Start at Forest Hills, where the young'uns would start at the Dogwood or Eugene O'Neill's, the hardened barflies at JJ Foley's Fireside Tavern or the Drinking Fountain, but then where from there?



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Perhaps to Delux at Back Bay (when it reopens...) and then JM Curley in Downtown Crossing... Promising.


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There's something within distance of Chinatown, and of course Haymarket is near that strip of pubs along Union Street. And of course several bars near N Station.

I can take a stab at the

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I can take a stab at the southern portion of the Orange Line:

Dogwood - Forest Hills
Doyle's - Green
Bella Luna - Stony Brook
Sanctuary - Jackson
Slades - Roxbury Crossing
Conor Larkin's - Ruggles
Daryl's - Mass Ave

Back Bay through North Station it's really take your pick.

Someone with more knowledge of north of North Station can pick it up from there.


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Slades is skeevy and is closer to Ruggles more than anything. At Mass Ave. you have the option of Daryl's, Wally's, Estelle's, Corner Tavern and of course the Parish, but only if you really, really had to go to the Parish.

Conor Larkins is on Green Line. And it's a dump.

Cleary's is an easy win at Back Bay.


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The worst thing at Slade's would be someone's grandpa stepping on your shoe at an over 40's night. Place is pretty fun and not "skeevy" at all...

Not really

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Conor's is a block and a half from the Mass Ave stop, and about two from Ruggles. Given that the Orange Line is right next to the Mass Pike and Northeastern through that neck of the woods, I don't think there are many bars closer.

East Somerville

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Tavern is a great suggestion for Sullivan. Meanwhile, on Broadway, we have:

Mount Vernon
East End Grille
La Brasa (opening)

Old Sully's at Community

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Old Sully's at Community College.

What would be the closest bar to Wellington that isn't part of a restaurant? Rob Jack's?

You'd have to end in Malden Square as there's nothing in the Oak Grove area.

Orange Line pub crawl

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Green Street: Doyles
Stony Brook: Bella Luna
Jackson Sq: Brendan Behan or The Haven
Roxbury Crossing: The Crossing
Ruggles: Slades
Mass Av: Wally's Cafe
Back Bay: Clery's
Tufts Med: Jacob Wirth
Downtown Crossing: lots of options

I'd probably be vomiting at this point so I'll let someone else take the northern stretch.


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Far too drunk at this point. Must've slept through that stop.

The TAM is actually

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Closer to Tufts/NE Medical.

Chinatown: There is one place in Chinatown with a full license, but I've only ever been there after wandering around drunk for hours looking for it. Or there's the yuppie bars at the Ritz and Sip.

Too much walking

One of the problems with an Orange line pub crawl is that it would take longer than if you just walked from bar to bar.

Forest Hills: Dogwood, 700 foot round trip to station
Green Street: Doyles, .6 mile round trip to station
Stonybrook: Bella Luna, .4 mile round trip to station
Jackson Square: Brendan Behan, 1 mile round trip to station
Roxbury Crossing: The Crossing, .6 mile round trip to station
Ruggles: Slades, .6 mile round trip to station

By this time, total distance: 3 1/3 miles walked from stations to pubs.
Walking distance straight from Forest Hills Station to Ruggles Station: 2.9 miles.
Walking distance from Forest Hills to Ruggles, via all those bars: 4.3 miles.
Time waiting for the the T six times > time walking 1 mile.

Why take the T?

Why harsh mellow

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With this fact-based rant. Just when the fantasy was so much fun.

Orange Line To South Cove Station - Use The Tremont Street Exit

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I found great dancing on Friday nights at Guilt on Warrenton Street. It's practically right across from the Tremont Street exit of the South Cove Station on the Orange Line (a.k.a. New England/Tufts Medical Center).

The timing works out perfect for hopping back on the Orange line at 2:00 when the club closes, with plenty of time to connect with the Blue Line at State. (or the Red Line/Green Line at Downtown Crossing if you're headed that way)

I've been doing this the past four Fridays, contributing to the local economy and adding myself to the street presence of people enjoying Boston nightlife in safety. Looking forward to tonight!. The extended Ⓣ service has, so far, been working perfectly for me. It is truly a treasure to be able to go out for a fun evening and not have to bother with driving or parking in Boston at all. Thanks MBTA!

If the service ran just 1/2 hour longer, I'd also be able to use it on Saturday nights, where the best dancing is at Paradise in Cambridge. Unfortunately for me, there's not quite enough time to be sure I'd catch the last Blue Line train leaving Bowdoin at 2:30. However, if your destination is served by the Red Line (or Route 1 bus), dancing at Paradise on Saturday nights could be paradise for you!

Oh, and you don't have to be Gay to have a good time at either club; you just have to like House music!

More details for anyone who wants to dance:

Friday Nights - Guilt
Rotating DJs

75 Warrenton Street, Boston
Ⓣ = Orange Line: South Cove Station (Tuft's MC)
Cover charge: $10.00
Coat check $3.00
Bottled beer: $6.00

Saturday Nights - Paradise Cambridge
( dancefloor downstairs )

Same great DJ for over twelve years ...
... in the spirit of Frankie Knuckes, Jonny C gets it !

180 Mass Ave (at Albany Street, across from MIT nuclear reactor)
Ⓣ = Red Line: Central Square or Kendall/MIT Stations
( or Route 1 Mass Ave Bus ).
Cover charge $5.00
Coat check $2.00
Bottled beer $5.00
Note: For safety, no high heeled shoes are allowed at Paradise.

P.S.: If you ever go to Paradise on a Saturday, please be sure to say hello! Just ask at the DJ booth for "Elmer" and they'll point me out. A lot of us have been going there for many years, thanks to Jonny C and the wonderful energy he creates with the Floor; it's a very friendly and happy vibe!

Fireside to Conncanon's to

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Fireside to Conncanon's to Slattery's at Forest Hill's , hop a trolley, maybe pop in the Dublin House on Centre street, resume trolley to TripleD's , then try to figure how to get home ,or continue to not to be mentioned after hours joints, then get back to car at starting point. Option play , start all over , or go home to sleep.

I can't wait

to meet that shit faced late night T rider that can't hold down his Sushi. Presumably in January, on a broken down Red Line train.