Why is Dennis Rodman wearing a Sox cap?

UPDATE: See the comments - that could be a Brooklyn Dodgers cap, not a Red Sox one.



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      Brooklyn Dodgers

      Looks like it could be a Brooklyn Dodgers hat, Brooklyn is the thing these days, and hats are available in any color you want. And Rodman is from NJ so I hope he's not a Sox fan.
      Rodman has lost his mind either way.

      Hard to tell from the video which logo it is

      The old Dodgers "B" logo and the classic Red Sox "B" are very, very similar -- the Boston B used to be skinnier, too -- but the Dodgers B always had a little triangle at the center-left, like this. As I can't see that triangle in any of the Rodman rant images, I'd guess it's a Red Sox hat. He wouldn't be the first non-fan to try to bask in a champion's reflected glory.

      Or A Secret Agent?

      This whole affair of Mr. Rodman's relationship with Communist North Korea is curious indeed. I wonder if he isn't working secretly for our government, as a way to gain some access to the brutal regime. It's such a bizarre country to begin with, and he may just bizarre enough himself to establish some sort of weird rapport that normal diplomatic channels couldn't achieve. God bless him for trying!


      I believe this is the beginning of an entirely new basketball league.

      It WILL be global,
      It WILL have real life villains and good guys(still in contract negotiations)
      It WILL have televised screamfests, with cigars!
      It WILL be led by the WORM himself!

      Imagine the possibilities
      Thank you Dennis Rodman.

      Basketball will bring us together! (World Peace yall)