Why a duck? Why a no lighta duck?

Lighted viaduct

Photo by MassDOT.

State and city officials today officially turned on a new light display under the I-93 viaduct that separates South Boston and the South End near where the Herald used to be, the first phase in a $2.5-million project to turn the barren, dismal concrete storage area into something actually useful to people besides the DPW crews who used to store stuff there and the homeless people who would set up camp there.

State officials expect to recoup the costs of the lights and new walkways through revenue from 24-hour parking lots being built under the viaduct.



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    See Something, Say Something

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    A light display underneath highway overpasses in Boston? Where have I heard that one before.... :-)

    homeless evicted

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    we spent a couple of million to clean up a lot and evict homeless refugees? They have been relocated to the benches inside south station which in the morning smells of urine and cheap booze