Why TV weatherpeople don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day

When they do the weather, they're not actually standing in front of a weather map, but instead a green screen onto which the station projects the maps (they know where to point by looking at a monitor, which gave us the Pete Bouchard Incident). So if they wore green, they'd look like they have parts missing (whatever is covered by the green). Matt Noyes reports:

A few years ago, got a complaint I wasn't wearing green on St. Paddy's Day. So, donned a green cloak & went invisible.



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    Come ON!

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    How cool would it be if for one day a year a floating head gave us the weather?

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    My thought exactly. It'd be a

    My thought exactly. It'd be a fun St. Patrick's Day joke of sorts, even if it was just for one weather segment. I could see Pete doing it.

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    Fun with greenscreen

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    We went to hang out with a TV meteorologist in her studio when I was in Girl Scouts. They told us to be sure to wear our uniforms.

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    On WBZ 4 , the weekend

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    On WBZ 4 , the weekend weather girl Daniel had green on ,but she didn't use the magical wall, just a big screen tv. Why do the weatherites need to stand in front of that wall anyway ? The new big screen tvs work more better.

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