Why, yes, those were Marine helicopters flitting about the area

Our helicopter go-to guy, Alert New England alerts us that the low-flying green helicopters that lots of people started seeing shortly before 6 p.m. are in advance of President Obama's visit to Worcester on Wednesday to give a commencement speech and do some fundraising. Why, exactly, they were flying real low down Arsenal Street in Watertown towards Boston is probably classified or something.



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      Maybe they wanted to see or

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      Maybe they wanted to see or were scouting out the area where the big shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers occurred?

      I saw both of them as I was

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      I saw both of them as I was running down Comm between Foster and Lake. Damn near ducked they were flying so low.

      Buzz buzz

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      They buzzed the SE Expressway on Sunday afternoon too. I had the top down in my convertible and thought I was gonna get landed on.


      From the Common

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      Was at the Common with my dog. Just about everyone walking by looked up to figure out what was going on and just about every dog hit the ground scared by the noise. Had no clue what was going on and for as low as they were flying, terrible thoughts of "what could have happened?" started to run through my mind :(

      Damn Obama

      he even gets the helicopter color wrong. They are supposed to be black and piloted by United Nations secret forces coming for our guns.