Windy city

Windy Boylston Street in the Fenway

Mediacrity reports she was at her desk when she head a loud noise outside and ran to her window in time to see a worker at Pavement Coffeehouse on Boylston Street in the Fenway struggling with a patio umbrella in a fierce wind.



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Side note

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I understand the appeal of sidewalk cafes and all, but it's rather obnoxious when they leave the most minimal possible clearance for the public way, such as in this case. Boston's rather bad at cluttering up sidewalks with random junk and other obstructions. An open sidewalk seems to be an invitation for various city agencies to plop signs, boxes or poles. Then combine it with sidewalk cafes and street trees, and walking suddenly becomes like swimming upstream. Meanwhile, the motorway has absurdly wide lanes...

My poor cherry tree

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I glanced out the window this afternoon and it was raining pink petals. No more flowers. I'd suffered enough (achoo!) for those flowers, I was hoping to enjoy them a couple of days longer before they were blown away...

Oh well....

... for the Japanese, it is the very transience of cherry blossoms that makes them especially treasured. ;~}