Winston takes the T

So where does a massive bulldog sit on the Orange Line? Anywhere he wants.



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    Horrible, not adorable

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    Dogs are not allowed on seats, and rightly so.

    From the T's website:

    Pets on the T
    Service animals are allowed on the T at all times.

    During off-peak hours, non-service dogs are allowed at the discretion of T vehicle operators. Dogs must be properly leashed and are not allowed to annoy riders or take up a seat. For safety and convenience during rush hours, small domestic animals must be carried in lap-sized containers and out of the way of exits

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    come on anon

    You should be more worried about the human germs flying around the poorly-ventilated vehicles during the winter months than a properly leashed and well-mannered dog sitting during a non-rush hour.

    And wear pants while riding the T and wash your hands before eating if you are concerned.

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    Come on, Swirly

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    Human germs aren't proscribed. Dogs on seats are. I suppose the T, and all other transit org's I'm aware of, are just dog -hating meanies, huh?
    They're banned from seats b/c seats are reserved for humans.
    I shouldn't have to take additional precautions or worry about flea bites.

    Keep dogs off seats and I'll worry about my own hygiene, thanks.
    And who's to say that dog is well-mannered based on that photo? For all any of us know it could be quite the opposite.

    Why don't you produce some of your vaunted stats to show how much healthier dogs on seats are than humans and their germs? I won't hold my breath and until you do I'll be hoping the T enforces their sensible policy!

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    Oh lighten up. That dog is

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    Oh lighten up. That dog is probably cleaner than most people who take the T, and is clearly not taking a seat that could otherwise be occupied by a passenger, given how empty the train is.

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    Compared to some of the human waste that rides the T that dog is fine on the seat...
    So happy you have the time to copy/paste like a pro

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    Obviously well groomed?

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    You can tell that from that photo? You can tell when it had a bath or a flea bath? You can tell where its paws had recently been? Whether it's hind quarters were soiled from a recent defecation?

    No you can't. And it's not an either/or matter. Guys shouldn't be wanking it and dogs shouldn't be on seats.

    What's so hard to understand?

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    Do you really think that a dog is a problem when humans aren't?

    Next you are going to say that you've never seen some challenged person shit or piss their pants on the subway - or use public transit with soiled trousers. Or that no loser drunk ever spews vomit - human vomit - around a train car. Or that any of this is completely cleaned up.

    If you are worried about dogs, you aren't living in the reality of how human bodily fluids permeate and spread. But, that would take some scientific understanding of both microbiology, biology of species, and epidemiology. Sorry, but I'm afraid that you are the one who is "hard of understanding" if you think a single dog sitting on a seat is any sort of health problem compared to hoards of your own species. Your fellow humans are filthy and incontinent. Deal with it.

    Wear your pants on the T, pal, and wash your hands and you won't have any problems.

    Well, except respiratory virus transmission problems. I've published a few studies that indicate that is a problem in poorly ventilated spaces - so, please, hold your breath.

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    It's not what I think, Swirly

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    It's the rule on the T. End of story. This isn't about me.

    I just want the T rule enforced. I don't worry about dogs on the T effecting my health b/c it's usually not an issue.
    You're a dog apologist so you'll find arguments for why dogs "slipped their leashes" or how hard they are to control when they slippery from a swim. Or you'll argue the were in someone's backyard and didn't need to be leashed when in fact they were in a DCR park and should have been leashed.

    I get it. You like to argue your side of things on the internet. Have fun.

    If you were highly allergic to dogs or if you'd been bitten by one you'd be rolling out your stats and twisted logic against dogs. And I'd still be here just asking for a sensible rule to be enforced and obeyed.

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    Criminals AND dogs should stay off seats

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    I get it. There are gross people on the train. Even perverted criminals.

    What does that have to do with dogs?

    The fact there are scumbags or unhygienic people on the T doesn't mean it's a free for all for animals. On the contrary, all the more reason to control what can be controlled, like dogs.

    I'm highly allergic to dogs and asthmatic. I would not be well if I sat in that seat right after a dog was there.

    The dog may be well groomed but I'm pretty sure the owner didn't wipe its ass. The bare ass spread out on the seat.

    Sorry, dogs have their place and that's on the floor in all public places. Knock yourself out on your own property.

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    just imagine...

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    if the dog was masturbating on the seat! Or panhandling..or eating a drippy container of General Tso's chicken...or shaving...picking his nose...singing showtunes...preaching...handing out Lyndon LaRouche literature...meh....dogs should sit on the floor because...they're dogs. but in regards to what goes on on the seats...shmeh....gma.

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    Dog should be kept off seat

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    My family has had dogs for generations and they've always been well trained. Dogs were never allowed on the furniture. Nor were they allowed to beg nor sleep in our beds. They weren't nor are our "babies." We're not their parents but their owners.

    Our dogs don't bark at nor jump on people.

    In my opinion one person's dog should never infringe upon another person's well being.

    I admit I do not take the MBTA but if I did you can rest assured that my dog would be at my feet or at heel next to me at all times. Not sitting in a seat. I honestly can't believe this is grounds for debate.

    The anthropomorphization of dogs and cats has gone took far.

    Bottom line: make an effort so your pet and its behavior doesn't bother other people. It used to be a common courtesy.

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    Red Line

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    That looks like the Red Line to me...

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