Woman found mummified in Michigan was from South Boston

You may have read recently about the woman who died in 2009 but nobody noticed because her bills kept getting paid automatically.

A family member has set up Mummified in Michigan to try to figure out what happened to Pia Davida Farrenkopf. She writes:

She is Belgian & Irish and she is from South Boston Massachusetts. She is the sister of 9, daughter of the late Marie Farrenkopf Carroll, and aunt of 32. She was well loved by all of her family and though we lost contact that was due to the amount of traveling she had to do for work and the fact that she liked her privacy. When her mother and sister passed we tried desperately to contact her and let her know but the phone would just ring and ring. Little did we know she was lying dead in her jeep in her own garage, with multiple people entering and exiting the vehicle and property due to foreclosure process.

Farrenkopf attended Cardinal Cushing Central High School, Bunker Hill Community College and UMass Amherst.



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      She also mysteriously voted

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      She also mysteriously voted after death. Some identity thief may have been using her identity without knowing she was dead.

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      but voting tends to be low on the list of activities that identity thieves pull off. Much more likely to get caught doing that than shopping online (and less profitable).

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