Wonderful, versatile pine tar


Watching the game on tv ,it

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Watching the game on tv ,it was speculated by the announcers that Orto came out of the club house into the dugout and whispered something to Farrell, who then rose to challenge the dreaded pine tar. Mmmmm , verrrry interesting , considering the cloud that surrounds that dude hisself and the unmentionable. I am sure somewhere , sometime , there will be a quid pro quo for this .

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It's a dessert topping! It's a floor wax!

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It's BOTH.

A few years ago, dining in Finland, there was "Tar Ice Cream" offered for dessert. I asked my hosts "Tar? Like you put on roads?" They said, no, it's pine tar, used to flavor the ice cream and make a tar syrup. Pretty good! Put enough sugar in anything and it's palatable.

But it smelled like Pine Sol, so it turned me off.

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Ambrosia of Achaeans, Danaans and Argives. Makes Reisling a weakling.

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And who could forget Sidron de Pino?

Years ago, in Mexico, after drinking a very-interesting-but-not-what-I-had-in-mind-when-I-bought-it soft drink, I learned that a tiny difference on the label (la piƱa / el pino) made the difference between pineapple and pine.

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so obvious

So obvious....right there on his neck. The old timer pitchers knew how to hide it well. LOL.

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