A word to a flower thief

Flower thief in Dorchester threatened with finger breaking

Jay Kelly noticed a warning to the woman stealing flowers from this gardener on a side street off Neponset Avenue in Dorchester.



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      i would be interested as to

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      i would be interested as to the description of the plant thief. i too was a victim of a plant napping.

      a late sunday afternoon i heard people lingering outside my window. looked outside to see a middle age hispanic woman with 2 children under 12 stealing my mature 12" round "hen and chicks" plant.

      i chased her down the street and got my plant back. she claimed that she did not think the plant was anyone's property.



      A thief teaching her children to be thieves. So much anger!


      Leave it to a Dot Rat

      Sure, go ahead, break someone's fingers and answer lawlessness with more lawlessness.

      I heard it might drizzle this evening. Bet someone's getting her cones ready.

      Stay classy, Boston!



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      If I caught you stealing on my property, broken fingers would be the least of your problems...


      Move then

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      I'm first going to guess you are not from Dorchester or Boston. Second you most likely just moved here because it's cool to say you live here. So if you don't like how real Boston people act when they want the items they worked hard for to not be stolen then pack up your overpriced condo get back into your BMW and find another place. Try Newton or Weston.They have no pride there. Take your little dog with you too.


      Lived Here Long Enough

      I've lived in Boston for twenty years. I work here, pay taxes here and vote here. I don't plan to live anywhere else. As with any city, there are a range of people and personalities. Not everyone "from Boston" or who is "real Boston people" (whatever that is) believes in answering vandalism with illegal violence.

      Boston has a police force; the person who put up that sign allegedly has evidence. S/he could have sent the pictures to the police. If s/he really wanted to get the point across, s/he could have printed the pictures and put them on the sign. Instead s/he coupled the threat of legitimate law enforcement with the threat of violence. Breaking a person's fingers for stealing plants is not representative of the city that we are nor the city we hope to be. That attitude does nothing but perpetuate the worst stereotypes of a great city.

      But in the gritty streets of Neponset

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      They just don't trust the police. Let's face it, theft of flowers from the yards of Neponset has been happening for years, if not decades, and the police ain't done shit about it. Besides, anyone who "drops a dime" on these gangs of flower thieves would most likely have to bear the consequences with police powerless as, say, mulch gets dumped on the rat's front walks.

      A person's yard is their property. If I caught someone taking my property, breaking fingers is getting off easy.

      Just don't steal flowers!

      Come on!

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      That's like saying your car got stolen because you had too many Dunkies cups in the passenger seat.