Worker at Newbury Street pizza place injured when oven explodes

A worker at Dirty Water Dough, 222 Newbury Street, suffered burns on his face and hands when one of the eatery's four ovens exploded this morning.

BFD spokesman Steve MacDonald reports:

They had four ovens. Three were on with the fourth - gas on but pilot light out. It built up with gas and fumes then came in contact with oven above it causing the built up gas to ignite all at once.

The explosion also blew out some of the restaurant's plate glass windows and cracked others, he said, adding nobody thought to notify the fire department until the building inspector arrived.



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    Dirty Water Dough update

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    Our cook Wally is OK, and recovering from the incident. We hope to be back open in the next couple of days. Thanks to our customers for their loyal support!


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    causing the built up gas to ignite all at once

    That's called "a fire".

    What if the gas had leaked up into the exhaust hood too? Then, when the gas in the oven ignited and burned the worker, it also started a grease fire in the exhaust system out of sight?

    Is it really Sam's fault?

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    Is there a different number to call the Fire Department vs. EMS? I would assume he just called 911 and there was some sort of missed communication internally among the system of first responders. I suppose he could have gone outside and found a fire alarm box to pull.

    glad the cook is ok

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    glad the cook is ok but no joke: you need to improve your service. went to dirtywater over the weekend and you have some of the most imcompetent cashier staff. i'm talking waiting 30 minutes for a small pizza to cook and ordering a beer while i wait and the girl says "coming right up" and proceeds to stock your potato chips and not get me the beer (p.s.: there were no other customers waiting ahead of me)

    This is yelp now?

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    Also, the guy almost got blown up. Empathy, learning how to use the shift key, spell check and proper grammar would do wonders.

    OH MY

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    Pizza ovens

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    Usually when a pilot goes out gas does not continue to flow I wonder if the heat from the other 3 ovens help in this mishap ( if ovens are stacked ) ?

    The Gas Valve Must Have Malfunctioned

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    Gas valves such as those used in ovens have a thermocouple sensor which needs to be in direct contact with the pilot flame in order for the main gas valve to open; the heat from other ovens would not be sufficient to activate the thermocouple.

    great pizza and people over

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    great pizza and people over there, great to hear that this was not a major tragedy.

    Keep up the good work, you Dirty people!