World Cup fans show up en masse at City Hall Plaza

Soccer fans at City Hall in Boston

Julie C. got a panoramic view of the fans watching the US/Germany match at City Hall Plaza today.



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Don't any of these people have jobs?

Yes, most probably do...

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And today, I chose to come to work 30 minutes early and leave late so I could enjoy a long lunch and watch the game. So you're just trolling, correct?

Regardless of the loss, it was a great experience!

Most of them do

They have good jobs that allow them to adjust their schedules to take a long lunch break.

Sorry if you have never found a job with that sort of agency - they are great.

(I didn't get to go down there because of my job and a big meeting; however, said big meeting rearranged the schedule so that we could watch a Univision stream over lunch and foil the plot by the three German scientists at the meeting to head for a bar.)


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"Sorry if you have never found a job with that sort of agency - they are great."

Do you honestly think every person can snag a cushy job that lets people come and go as they please? Apparently you do, and you are not shy about rubbing peoples noses in it who must take what job they can to survive.

Not elite at all

She didn't say everyone has a job with flexible schedules, but a lot of people do. This is downtown Boston, with lots of people with responsible jobs where they can work in a few hours of soccer if their schedule is free. Jeez, it's not that big of deal.
I'm a software engineer in a company where people come and go all day. When you're working on long-term projects where there is little day-to-day action, blowing off for a few hours is easy. Believe me, there's no skimping of hours at all here.

My "elitist" resume

1979-1984: Intermittant field worker at Berryfields an Beanfields and Filbert Orchards
1985 (summer): Juggled three temp jobs
1986-1989: worked 20-40 hours a week on the shop floor in a specialty metals operation while completing education at Notoriously Difficult College
1996-2006: Bore two children and got doctorate while working at least part time, (and sometimes working full time to support my family when spouse was laid off)
2006-present: Cushy but demanding job

So, pardon me if I actually enjoy the results of a couple of decades of very hard work. And, unless you have a firsthand understanding of what agricultural work is like, I don't want to hear any whining about cushy jobs from you, ever.