Ya can't pahk ya cah there, and now ya can't smoke ya ciggies there, eitha



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you do know that Harvard Yard is in Cambridge... right? oh dear.

let it go.

Nothing like the guy from New

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Nothing like the guy from New York making a horrible accent joke. Good job, now tell me how you've lived in boston longer than I have.

I probably have

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But in this case, being from New York comes in handy because this is probably the classic thing that Nooyawkas (I can write that, being from Nooyawk, even lived on the Guyland for awhile) say whenever somebody mentions Cambridge or Harvard. I'm sure, as a Bostonian going back several generations, you are really irritated by that. I feel so badly now.


Wats next cant fart 15 feet

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Wats next cant fart 15 feet near a pahk...wtf ill smoke anywhere if u dnt like it tough just cover ya face ,like the city air is any bettah..by the way ya accent is wiked pissah u did good...

Dopey Question

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Does the ban include legally-prescribed marijuana or is it just tobacco? I see from the article that it includes e-cigarettes, which is strictly a nanny-statist "I don't like your personal behavior" ban, as e-cigs produce nothing but harmless water vapor for passers-by.



Now you see....?

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I just happened to have been sitting in one of those nice brightly colored chairs Harvard put in the yard just the other night with the dog, enjoying a fine blend completely unmolested by the local constabulary.

It's private property, you

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It's private property, you don't think that private landowners should be able to make decisions about what can happen on their property? Cool, I'm going to do a background search and come on your property and express my freedoms.

I'm all in favor of rules

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I'm all in favor of rules that protect me from having to breathe other people's smoke.

But sometimes bans like this are counterproductive. Will everyone walking through Johnston Gate, or waiting at its bus stop, have to pass through a perpetual unavoidable cloud of smoke?