Yeah, yeah, snow and rain and heat and gloom of night, but what about turkeys?

You can probably figure out which town this police-blotter item is from:

A group of turkeys were chasing a mail carrier near the intersection of Beaconsfield Road and Tappan Street.

Also click that Wicked Local link to read about the resident who called police when a parakeet flew in her house, the orgy at a local park and the woman who found her car wrapped in plastic wrap.

Lucy Fitzgerald reports those Tappan turkeys are really fowl:

I used to babysit on tappan and we'd go for walks and sprint past them so they wouldn't catch my eye.




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    Lemme get this straight:

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    We got all kinds of commenters here on just one web site that are all ready to go to town on rude drivers, rude bikers, and the occasional bank robber, but let a couple of tasty critters with hollow bones cop an attitude and get all up in somebody's grille and they're all running home to mamma? What up wit' dat?

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    This is the best

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    "Disturbance: The mother of a student who attends the Brookline Arts Center reportedly was "irate" once she was informed of her son’s behavioral issues and was yelling at teachers in front of the school."

    At least that solved the mystery as to the root of the child's behavioral issues.

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    Snow, rain, gloom of night WE

    Snow, rain, gloom of night WE deliver liberty!*

    *(to oppressed avians in their occupied native homeland)

    The postman distributes weekly flyers promoting the sale of our slaughtered imprisoned brethren at abattoir you filthy humans call supermarkets. We will not stand for this commercialization of the genocide against our people!

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    We're being overrun by egrets in Quincy

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    The annual gathering of the great assembly of egrets has been meeting in the salt marshes near Moswetuset Hummock for the past couple of weeks.

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