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Sorry for pointing out the obvious

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Someone placed that there so people don't park in front of the CLEARLY marked curb where people are not allowed to park per the city. Most likely the individual who placed that there owns the driveway which is also CLEARLY visible in the attached photo. Said individual probably has had issues with backing out of their driveway while someones car is sticking out.


I think it's best if we get

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I think it's best if we get angry about the space saver, and even ANGRIER about the person who amusedly pointed it out. LET'S YELL ABOUT STUFFFFFF.


Looks like someone took it

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Looks like someone took it upon themselves to paint that curb. I doubt that this one person is the exception in Boston who gets a special no parking corner for their driveway.


You know what is obvious?

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What is obvious is that the homeowner illegally claimed a stretch of curb with spray paint, and now has a table there, too.

If they can't back out of their driveway, perhaps they should either get a car that fits and/or learn to drive the one they have.

Cambridge doesn't mark no

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Cambridge doesn't mark no-parking zones with paint, bright orange or otherwise.

As for the table, maybe someone is planning to dine al fresco?

Or cribbage!

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Cards are so much better than forensic analysis of twit pics.