Yes, the Johnny Depp people know the difference between Boston and New York

Faux NYPD cruiser in Copley Square

There's an odd sight in Copley Square this morning: A film crew shooting something involving a supposed NYPD cruiser.

No, has nothing to do with "Black Mass." Stefani Vieira, who took the photo, reports it's a German film crew making their own movie in which Boston stands in for the more-expensive-to-shoot-in New York.

She says they're also using the BPL as a stand-in for a jail or police station which would give new meaning to the phrase "Book 'em, Danno," except the Germans probably wouldn't get that.



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Seems appropriate -

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because if there is one place in Boston that I would say looks just like New York, it would be Copley Square.

Not the flavorless Financial District with its office towers.

Copley Square.

(As foreigners, they would get a pass, but there must be a local agent who should know better).


Actually, I would go with the Financial District

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At least if you're looking for a fill-in for downtown Manhattan. They're actually pretty similar: A mixture of old and new buildings (yes, still plenty of old buildings, just walk the blocks around Post Office Square), narrow, crooked streets and that canyon effect.


My sarcasm key is off today, sorry.

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That's what I was suggesting - that the FD is what looks most like Manhattan. Other than the curviness of the roads, it could nicely double for Midtown (at least when viewed from street level).


That depends

Boston's Financial district looks more like downtown/Wall Street Manhattan, but Copley looks like the rest of Manhattan, with its wider, gridded streets.


If they filmed it just right,

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If they filmed it just right, the park in front of Trinity Church would double for Bryant Park, and the BPL would double for the NYPL on Fifth Ave - might just be convincing enough if you're a German. At least it's not Toronto.


You're a New York City Cop, eh.

I think it was one of the last Friday the 13th movies that was filmed in Canada and a guy playing an NYC cop had the thickest Canadian accent, and that may have been the least horrible thing about the movie.


Maybe its just B-Roll

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Most shows will use it to help sell the story. Like most of Boston based movies are shot in Canada and only a handful of shots are really Boston locations.

That was my first thought

when I stumbled across the obvious fake on my morning commute yesterday. I know places in LA stand-in for places in New York all the time, but Boston makes more sense from a cost perspective if you're a relatively low-budget German film and can't afford to fly all your equipment and staff out to LA.

Saw that this morning and was

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Saw that this morning and was wondering what it was about, especially since the NYPD car had Pennsylvania license plates...

No no no no no

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The BPL does not stand in for a police station or jail. That is just so wrong it hurts. There should be a bill of rights for buildings. A society for the prevention of their abuse, even if they are hungry for any kind of publicity. Which the BPL should not be, subjected to the wrong kind of. Pardon my Yoda grammar but I'm reeling here.


It was already the Vatican

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(Pink Panther II), a building in Salzburg, Austria (Knight and Day) and, most fittingly, the Richmond Public Library in the 1970s (the Box) A police station doesn't seem a stretch after the Vatican.

You want bad. They used the State House as a visual for the outside of a courthouse for Police Academy 4. That would be Steve Gutenberg's last Police Academy if you were keeping score at home.