Yes, Westie is a thing

Westie graffiti

Maybe it's a generational thing, but kids these days most definitely use the word "Westie" - as both the name of the place where everybody goes to at least one dance at Holy Name and as an adjective for the sort of kids who walk down Centre in packs wearing tall Uggs with the tops folded down. You know, Westie kids.

How better to prove this than to look at the graffiti the locals spray to announce their pride? Take a look at the train bridge over Lagrange Street, near Centre Street.



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      Now vandals are authorities to be cited?

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      It's not only attention, but validation.

      If that grafiti were in my part of town, I would report it to the appropriate city/state grafiti cleanup squad. The quicker it's gone, the less chance it has to metastasize.


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      Art, mannnnn. Billings field also has a large Irish flag painted on the wall with a hush westie/ shamrock next to it.


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      We changed Eastie to EaBo and Southie to SoBo.

      I will call Westie...WeBo!

      - The Original SoBo Yuppie


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      No thanks!

      WeBo ?

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      WeBo Really ? Unless kids have changed in 14 years you know what WeBo will be changed to don't you...Exactly what Webelows were called for generations in Boy Scouts...

      Wing Kings

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      was next to Fontaine's, the chicken jerking off! If you miss Wing Kings travel over to Brighton and Visit Wing-It. Same owners.

      George , the owner was a

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      George , the owner was a decorated veteran of WWII . He was a gentleman.

      " Son of Kostas Fotenakes and Eugenia (Pappadopulos) Fotenakes of Winthrop. George was a WWII veteran, T/SGT 379 Bomber group, 525 Bomb Sq; B17 radio operator in the Army Air Corps. Shot down over Beauvais France 1943, captured, a P.O.W.; Stalag Luft 6 East Prussia, Death March, Stalag Luft 6 Halle Germany. George returned home to receive a Bronze Star & Purple Heart for his injuries. "

      Where is this?

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      Is this in Boston or somewhere else? For those of us who don't live in the area........

      That's not a new "tag" by any

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      That's not a new "tag" by any means. It's been there for quiet a while. Glad some sharp eye saw it.

      I dunno

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      I know you were called out on this recently. We've been calling the neighborhood Westie since I was a kid in the 80s.

      Then again, it might have been a way for Rozzie Rats to rag on the people from over there.


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      This is nothing new. Strange to see a blog about it.

      This post seeking validation

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      This post seeking validation of your use of the term "Westie" just makes you look more self-conscious about your transplant (even if decades ago) status. Frankly, I don't care whether or not people use that word. You don't need to make posts like this.

      Transplant = Positive

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      Being a transplant is a good thing for your career and overall quality of life

      - The Original SoBo Yuppie

      Last time

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      I looked the city is being run by actual Bostonians. I have a great career as did my parents.

      Yeah, bite me. I've lived and

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      Yeah, bite me. I've lived and worked in Boston and paid taxes here and voted for eleven years. You spend a decade somewhere and you're not a transplant. Maybe I'm not a native, but I'm a Bostonian as much as anyone.

      That is still to be

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      That is still to be determined. It's a natural thing. My brother lived in Maine for over 15 years and he was still called a Masshole or flatlander.

      Eleven years really isn't that long.

      Sorry Patty

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      It's already been determined for shwaaa because she said:

      I've lived and worked in Boston and paid taxes here and voted

      Doesn't matter if it's 30 years or 3 days. She is a Bostonian.

      ..and the fact that most yuppies/transplants pay more in taxes makes them "more Boston" than townies.

      - The Original SoBo Yuppie.

      Sorry Yuppie

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      There's a New England way of doing thing (hence Patty's example from Maine.)

      In some circles, you can be born on one place, move with your family to another place at 6 months old, and spend the rest of one's life being told that you aren't "from" the place you spent almost your entire life (or as you would put it, being a loser spending your entire life) in.

      I think any objective observer, anywhere in the world, would say that living in a place for 3 days does not make you a native. Whether the line includes the newcomer Patricia answered who has barely unpacked with 11 years in the city is another story, but you need to live a place for a while to be vested.

      Of course, as you have claimed in other places that staying in a place is a mark of lack of motivation or intelligence, we can assume that you are from nowhere.

      No you're not

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      Maybe in your delusional mind, but a Bostonian is someone who is a native of Boston.


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      A Bostonian is anyone who truly considers Boston their home. More than where you live, but less than where you were born.

      I wonder

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      If you'd write the same snide crap about mattapan.

      Oh, sure

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      If there were a nickname the locals used that others didn't know about (and no, not that one, that's not a nickname, that's an insult).

      I'm pretty sure we called

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      I'm pretty sure we called west roxbury "westie" and east boston "eastie" when I was in highschool. I am not aware of the Mattapan nick name but I am OFD so I defer to those that are born and raised in those neighborhoods . And I thank adam for trying to get all the areas straight as I have been giving him hell about the different neighborhoods in dorchester. Did not realize he is not from boston.


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      I can remember using the term "Westie" since I was a kid, and driving over "the 21 bump bridge" to get there. As far as Mattapan, many Dot residents call it North Dorchester.

      I don't get Mattapan being

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      I don't get Mattapan being called North is it north of any part of Boston besides Hyde Park? Haven't heard this before either, but maybe I'm not talking to the same people.

      Great question

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      No idea who made up the term.
      Maybe it has something to do w/ the jurisdiction of B-3? I am not sure though.

      I thought "the Pan" was new

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      I'll have to talk to my pal originally from Greenfield Road about this.

      Now, further up Blue Hill Ave, I'd be willing to wager that "the Bury" or "the Berry" is new-ish (yes, you little 20 somethings, it's not new to you, but some of us remember when TV only had around 8 stations.)

      This coming from

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      A transplant who calls The Square, Roslinadle Village!


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      RoBo instead of Rozzie!


      It was a thinly settled section of the larger entity called Roxbury. The commercial center that developed was called "The Village" of Roslindale. Newcomers later started calling that same commercial area Roslindale Square.

      The underlying point, however, is that you're both ignorant and rude.

      To which we could add

      ..toxic and dim.

      Allow me to apologize to you 'transplants' on behalf of this infantile sullen dipshit by suggesting that your residence longevity status is a distinction without a difference since we are all encroaching unless you crossed the Siberian land bridge just after the glacier left.

      My 'status' as a critter who has DNA in graveyards going back to the 1670s is of minimal value to me and not something to lord over harmless souls who try to make a go of it in this sullen jealous shithole culture.

      Good lord, if I had to rely on refried Puritans to breathe life into the place instead of its intrinsic natural qualities, I would have left forever ago.

      It's actually the wonderful mix of people from everywhere that gives it vivacity and prevents the sort of insular inbreeding that gives us ignorant and rude.

      Edit add. See if you can tell which are 'natives' and which are 'transplants'.
      Provide pedigrees in all cases.


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      You guys are a little late but that Graf is most likley older than this site lol

      I noticed some folks starting

      I noticed some folks starting to call it "WesRox" a few years back but thankfully that was nipped in the bud.

      And then there's the whole Brook Farm name-change thing...


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      I teach English, and I just want to say how great I think it is that some of the most hotly contested posts are those about language.

      Also: I first heard young people use the term "Westy" to refer to the West Roxbury Educational Complex --the school. Only later did I hear the term used to denote the whole neighborhood.

      Why I wrote this post

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      I don't always refer to "Westie," but when I do, I feel the need to reach for a beer, because every single time at least one person will chime in that there's no such word. So I wanted to try to show that the word, in fact, is in use, even if not as popular as the monickers for certain other neighborhoods. And that's really all there is to it.

      How dare you

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      research something based on some negative feedback of an earlier story, then post it on your website!? The nerve of some people!

      Please post something about

      Please post something about 'packies' and 'jimmies' so the next time a transplant kid threatens to beat me up for "racism" I can link them to "cold hard facts" since people these days can't accept the word of someone who grew up with local colloquialisms without peer reviewed documentation to support.