You can always tell the new reporter in town

While most of her outdoor colleagues were busy with rulers and snow brushes and snowballs this morning, WCVB's Antoinette Antonio just stood in the snow and reported what she saw around her.

Antoinio, who arrived in Boston a few months ago from Albuquerque, explains her reticence to get up close and personal with the white stuff:

Why ... you already know what snow feels like don't you? Next you'll want me to pull out a ruler and/or make a snow angel? I'd never hear the end of it from @LokayWCVB

Apparently, she's yet to meet Channel 7's Steve Cooper, who was among those outdoors this morning, alerting us that it was snowing, only in his trademark snow goggles:



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    Not "reticence"

    Sorry, this is one of my big personal grammar peeves: reluctance, not reticence.

    Although, damn - I'm the one who's schooled. Merriam-Webster Online says that reticence = reluctance. Sorry!

    Actually, you were right to begin with

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    The online definition you ref'ed was unfortunately brief. More accurately, reticence is primarily a reluctance or unwillingness to speak. Reluctance refers more broadly to a hestitation or unwillingness to act - which would be contextually more appropriate in the original article above. (Broadcast reporters are rarely disinclined to talk, even if they don't want to bend down and make snowballs).

    Fwiw, I don't think very highly of the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. is superior in terms of both depth and accuracy (ditto for its sister sites and


    Thanks - that's exactly the difference I thought I had understood, but a quick search online (not my favorite way of looking up word definitions anyway) seemed to undermine that distinction.

    Apparently, she's yet to meet

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    "Apparently, she's yet to meet Channel 7's Steve Cooper, who was among those outdoors this morning, alerting us that it was snowing, only in his trademark snow goggles: "'
    The Fox was teasing their politica reporter turned snow wizarda Sharman about wearing those type goggles a storm or two past. They should get more chic,. Those goggles they are now sporting , sheesh , you think they were pouring steel from a crucible at Bethlehem Steel ,

    Channel 5

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    Someone named Julie is reporting from South Station. She is shocked !, shocked !, I tell you, that around 8 to 9 this morning , "hundreds of people" were coming out of the station and going to work. And their reporter in Worcester stated that she is getting really cold, "maybe because I've been outside for 5-6 hours".
    I really appreciate the hard hitting insightful commentary from channel 5 and others so I can understand all this snowstorm stuff


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    It really is amazing that all 4 networks preempt their normal schedule for storm coverage. It's snow, not a national disaster. Snow falls, piles up, then gets plowed away. Not all that exciting of a story!

    If I were still in school, I'd be irate they weren't showing the Price is Right!

    Shelby Scott started all this nonsense

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    As much as people fondly remember the legendary Shelby Scott, she was the beginning of all this fake reporting about snow, which has gotten completely out of hand in recent years. They would position here on a windswept beach somewhere and she would bluster about what a storm it was, even when it wasn't. Today's snow has so far been manageable in the Boston area, yet the TV news would have you believe it is a storm of unparalleled proportions. During a traffic report, Channel 5 (or maybe it was Fox 25, I was switching back and forth for the humor value of it all)reported people have been "instructed" to stay home and that accidents were caused by people not following "instructions" and staying home. What kind of irresponsible reporting is that? "Instructed" by whom? God?


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    You sure she wasn't saying that because Shelby was dating Evelyn Murphy?


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    ...who wasn't Brudnoy dating?

    Outerwear Manufacturer Sponsorship

    I'm beginning to wonder if that is what the "reporter at the mercy of the elements" broadcasts are all about - just a commercial for Columbia Sportswear, North Face, and Patagonia and their ilk.

    Logos prominently featured ... start video ... crashing wave and not a hair out of place! Reporter's outerwear furnished by ...

    Double standard

    I outraged that falling snow is given continuous, wall to wall coverage, yet in summer, grass growing and paint drying gets no coverage at all!

    She was in an episode of Breaking Bad

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    playing an anchor reporting on...

    (spoilers... don't read the rest of this post if you're still catching up...)

    the mass shanking of the remainder of Gus' crew in prison.