You can't keep a good bear down

Keytar Bear at the Middle East

Keytar Bear showed up at his benefit at the Middle East tonight. Mary Anne Rodis reports:

Keytar Bear is making the entire place sing! He's baaaaaack.

She adds that Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung attended with a proclamation making May 8 Keytar Bear and Abby Taylor day in Cambridge; Taylor being the organizer of the benefit.



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Living well is the best revenge.

I read about the outpouring of support, and the benefit concert, and I look at this picture, and I think about just how pathetic and insignificant is the punk who punched him.


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She adds that Cambridge City Councilor Leland Cheung attended with a proclamation making May 8 Keytar Bear and Abby Taylor day in Cambridge

Glad our elected officials have things so well in hand that they can spend time on such nonsense.

It's a little bit of nonsense

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It's a little bit of nonsense but I would counter that celebrating the good in people, and promoting community, is valuable. Even if it's silly, turning negatives into positives and coming together, and having fun, is of value. Art is of value. Whimsy is of value. So yeah, they have better things to do, but this has merit.

Cambridge seems to have it together

And elected officials aren't expected to work every waking hour, either.

Even then, promotion of the arts - especially the quirky stuff that brings the community together - seems to be a big part of the quality of life in Cambridge and Somerville.

There are reasons that you aren't an elected official, Roadman, and that you aren't running any cities.

Yes, there is one very good reason that

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I'm not an elected official and why I'm not running any cities. Because, early in my teenage years, I decided that neither of those things were goals I wanted to aspire to. And, especially looking at the changes in the political climate in the past forty or so years, it's one decision in my life that I have never regretted.

And, with all due respect, please spare me the knee-jerk "but it's only a minor thing" reply that's so often used to justify "necessary" government actions like this one. Considering the time and expense, all those minor things could add up to something big.

Now, with respect to Keytar Bear (and I've seen him busking multiple times and actually do like him), it's sad he was the victim of a senseless attack. However, my opinion remains that this still doesn't justify a city government declaring a special day for him, regardless of how much people may like him.

Unless, of course, we as a society want to adopt a policy of automatically declaring a special proclamation day for each and every crime victim in Boston and Cambridge. Heck, we already do that with the wasteful practice of "memorial" street signs (Cambridge being the worst local example) for people that nobody has ever heard of.