You happen to see anybody lugging a green Vespa around Dorchester today?

Edrie reports that sometime between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., her green, 1963 Vespa got lifted from where it was locked outside her house near the Ashmont T stop. Not only was it chained to a post, it had had its spark plugs taken out, so whoever took it couldn't just drive it away.

I made the police report right after I found it missing, but they think it quite unlikely to ever be recovered as they are usually broken down and sold for parts/scrap.

If any of you around Dot saw anything (someone pushing a VESPA down the street, or loading one into a truck, or see an abandon VESPA laying around) - or see a post on Craig's List looking to get rid of one etc . would you please let me know.



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Happening quite a bit with

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Happening quite a bit with the scooters. My wife's co worker had his scooter walked out of a parking garage on longwood ave. about a month ago. He didn't bother to report it stolen since he felt it was a lost cause.

you should always report it

the police recover a lot of scooters. I am sure there is some chopping but usually its a kid that drives it around until the police pull them over or someone steals it from them. That spark plug idea sounds neat but they aren't expensive, I'm sure the thief just brought his own. The sad part is that the person that stole this scooter probably watched it being parked.

Especially a 1963 Vespa

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Their parts are only worth anything on the specialty market, and I have a sneaking suspicion that the person who stole it is not an expert on vintage Vespa parts.

An internet blast would be helpful, because I do know that community is very web-centric due to the scarcity of supply.

It's true.

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The folks in criminal HR just roll their eyes when they see "scooter thief" on a resume. Those applicants never get called in for an interview, not even a phone screen.

Exhaust theft

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My coworker recently acquired a scooter and then after a month of owning it had the exhaust pipe ripped right off it overnight - she was completely shocked. Sucks that this girl went through so much effort to keep her's safe - best of luck to her.


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My daughter's "Barbie pink" 2008 Roketa scooter was stolen from in front of Dogwood Cafe across from Forest Hills about a month ago, its been seen in the area being riden with a pack of other scooters. If you spot it, call it in to 911, it has a cracked tail light with clear box tape on it, did I mention its REALLY PINK?. The guy was a pro, the theft was early evening and caught on video, he had help from a girl who kept bringing him tools, heavy cable lock snipped cleanly, he jimmied the steering lock and pushed it around the corner into the parking lot by the liquor store. It stinks cause my kid was using it to get back and forth to the 2 jobs she's working before going back to Umass/Dart in the fall (where that's her transport).


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How do you know all these details and yet not have a line on how to recover it?

Thank you!

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Thanks for posting my plea! I don't have high hopes I'll get it back, but it can't hurt to try!

definitely report stolen scooters

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My Vespa was stolen from my driveway in JP in May. I reported it that evening, and a couple weeks ago I got a call that it was found. It's not entirely intact but most of the damage is cosmetic - the motor, wheels, instrument cluster and a lot of other expensive parts are still perfectly fine. They took chrome trim, the mirrors and a few other things, and left it parked on the street, where police noticed it had been abandoned and did a VIN check.

...And, a friend's scooter was stolen last year. He reported it and figured he'd never see it again. Last week he got a call that it was found. Body parts had been repainted, and someone decided to rebrand it as a different make, but it's all there and working.

So don't assume the people who steal these are just looking to part them out. I think they're joyriders and just plain morons more often than not.

Also, seriously look into installing a GPS tracker. If you're handy, you can build your own for under $50. I'm going to do that with mine when it's fixed.

zero restitution for stolen scooter

so I happen to sit through another restitution hearing where no damages were submitted. ??? how can that happen if so many people in our community are affected by this? We not talking about dangerous criminals, just stupid young people that might actually learn and change if they had to pay back to fix the problems they caused.